Taboos in home decoration

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Talking about taboos in home decoration

What are these taboos in decoration? New owners need to know more about "lessons from the past". Some people are eager to move in after they have new houses. They hurriedly found a decoration company and asked the other party to hand over the work in ten days and a half months. As for the geomantic environment design of the room, these householders didn't think about it carefully. Therefore, there may be a very unreasonable pattern in the design of Feng Shui environment, and even a big taboo in Feng Shui. So don't rush on

although it is said that a house should be unified under one decorative style, each room has different functions, and the occupants are also different. Therefore, it is forbidden to adopt a decorative style and use the same decorative materials in all rooms. Doing so can only make the room appear to lack interest and change

in terms of the current architectural pattern, not all the patterns are very reasonable, so don't rely on the original pattern of the room and only make the "superficial" of the room. This will only bring more inconvenience to users. From the perspective of aesthetics and Feng Shui, the rectangular room is not ideal

some people treat all spaces equally, regardless of priority in decoration. Such decoration not only costs too much, but also often "half the effort with twice the effort". In fact, the decoration of some spaces in the whole room can be simpler, and the space can be decorated with furniture and decorations

copying the decoration technique of the album can only "draw a tiger instead of a dog", so we must not be divorced from the cultural background. If the room is in western style, but equipped with a Taishi chair, it will be very disharmonious

you can't leave the external Feng Shui environment. If the outside of the room is very noisy and messy, the internal decoration should be simpler; If the room is shaded, dark colors should not be used for decoration

at present, most people hope that the decoration is "in place in one step". In fact, the home is also "growing", and the decoration should also be adjusted slightly. For example, when children grow up, the decoration and furniture of the children's room should be changed accordingly. "One step" is unnecessary





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