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In order to thank our new and old customers for their trust in us, MeiJiaLi wallcovering 5.1 activity is a great gathering and happy sharing

"May Day" Labor Day is going to start again. The time is getting closer and closer, and his mood is getting happier and happier. But what is more gratifying is that our activities are about to begin. In order to thank new and old customers for their trust in us, our 5.1 activity is a great gathering and happy sharing

preferential treatment for top-quality products, happy quality of life, enjoy the "5" big event discount, "1" down to the bottom

time: April 26 - May 4

location: No. 32, building 7, building materials District, Hongxing Times Square, panzhou City

content of the "5" big discount event:

1: special price products, MeiJiaLi No. 35 sample [dark flower curly grass embroidery] original price: 165 yuan per square meter/special price: 38 yuan per square meter

2: a discount product, MeiJiaLi No. 49 [modern yarn dyed plain color] original price: 98 yuan per square meter/current price: 9.8 yuan per square meter (limited to 10 square meters per house)

3: during the event, the whole house package (with a building area of 120 square meters, three bedrooms and one living room) is launched: 6480 yuan/set. Give a 8D mural worth 1080 yuan

4: when ordering a wall cloth for more than 5000 yuan and a deposit of more than 2000 yuan, you will get a bedroom lamp as a gift. (enjoy the preferential activities of Red Star Building Materials City)

5: anyone who pays attention to the official account of "MeiJiaLi seamless wall fabric panzhou store" and forwards the contents of this activity and gets more than 88 compliments, can get a beautiful gift at the store. If you get more than 188 likes, you can immediately reduce 200 yuan by ordering "MeiJiaLi" wall cloth in the store during the event

"MeiJiaLi wallcovering" can be purchased at one time and enjoy the life-long benefits of

the top ten brands in the wallcovering industry of c c t v cooperative brands

u benefit life ・ Changxiang +

thank you for your support and trust. Our products are guaranteed for 15 years and can be used without glue. Provide "0" Yuan free design renderings, free measurement and color matching. We are professional in making wall coverings

MeiJiaLi wallcovering not only provides high-quality products, but also establishes a perfect sales system for customers. It always adheres to the concept of "harmony, unity and win-win", and puts the interests of customers in the first place. We are committed to standardizing the industry market, improving the quality of industry products, promoting the development of the whole industry, and realizing the leap forward development of "going abroad and facing the world"

(source: MeiJiaLi seamless wall cloth panzhou store)




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