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Five aspects to discuss the trend changes of China's packaging industry

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core tips: during the 13th Five Year Plan period, focusing on the strategic needs of China's food industry and agricultural product processing industry for technology and equipment, aiming at the development trend of the international food and packaging machinery industry, We will actively promote industrial restructuring and product technology upgrading. Adhere to the driving force of scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the integration of informatization and intelligence, improve product quality and competitiveness, eliminate backward technologies, products and production capacity, and adapt to the new normal of economic development. Taking the market as the guide and the needs of the industry and enterprises as the goal, we will establish a new product production system that is green, intelligent, safe and service-oriented

from 2013 to 2014 and then to 2020

the total economic output of China's packaging industry in 2013 has reached 140billion yuan. China's packaging industry has great growth potential, strong ability to absorb employment and high industrial relevance. It plays an increasingly important role in national economic and social development. At the same time, the packaging industry puts industrial innovation in a more prominent position, gives better play to the independent innovation status of enterprises, guides the accumulation of innovation resources to enterprises, promotes the realization of the decisive role of key core technologies in resource allocation, promotes the development of industries to high-tech and high added value, promotes the orderly and free flow of industries, and the endogenous power is continuously enhanced

the cost of products made in China is less than half that of American products, so they are highly competitive. Low price is the best stepping stone for Chinese packaging machinery to enter the American market. Scientific development means that the mechanical equipment is constantly updated and improved. China's packaging machinery industry should go out of China, go to the world and globalize its sales system

nowadays, packaging materials are constantly innovating. In addition to traditional paper plastic, glass and metal packaging, people have begun to explore the use of new raw materials for packaging, and plant raw materials have begun to enter the market. With the discovery and application of more and more packaging materials, the types of domestic packaging materials will be more abundant in the future

it is estimated that by 2020, China's packaging industry will be built into a new industry with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and giving full play to the advantages of human resources. The packaging industry has great development potential and has become a sunrise industry worthy of the name

looking at the trend: Nine trend changes positioning the new normal

understanding the situation and studying and judging the trend are the basis and premise for doing a good job in all economic work next year. The meeting held that at present, China has undergone trend changes in consumption demand, investment demand, export and balance of payments, production capacity and industrial organization mode, comparative advantages of production factors, market competition characteristics, resource and environmental constraints, economic risk accumulation and resolution, resource allocation mode and macro-control mode

comments: the new normal of nine trend changes indicates that China's economy, including the packaging industry, is evolving to a stage with higher morphology, more complex division of labor and more reasonable structure

looking at growth: stabilizing growth and maintaining balance in structural adjustment are the key

from the economic data just released in November, the total import and export value fell by 0.5% year on year, and PPI fell by 2.7% year on year. It has been 33 consecutive months of negative growth, reflecting that China's economy is still facing great downward pressure and the task of stabilizing growth is arduous. The meeting took efforts to maintain stable economic growth as a major task in the deployment of next year's work. At the same time, specific requirements such as "speed regulation without reducing potential" and "reasonably determining the main expected objectives of economic and social development" are put forward

comments: the development momentum of the packaging industry has been improved in accordance with the specific requirements of "no reduction in speed regulation" and "reasonably determining the main expected objectives of economic and social development"

look at reform: promote the requirements of the

meeting around outstanding problems, promote reform around solving outstanding problems faced by development, launch reform measures that have annual characteristics and are conducive to long-term institutional arrangements, and continue to pay attention to the formulation of various reform plans. The meeting proposed to accelerate the reform of administrative examination and approval, investment, price, monopoly industries, franchising, government purchase of services, capital market, access of private banks, foreign investment and other fields

comments: accelerating the reform of administrative examination and approval, franchising, access of private banks and other fields is conducive to the operation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the packaging industry

look at people's Livelihood: prevent the average from covering up the majority

in order to ensure and improve people's livelihood, the meeting requested that we adhere to the basic idea of holding the bottom line, highlighting the key points, improving the system and guiding public opinion, give more timely help, pay more attention to ensuring basic people's livelihood, pay more attention to the life of low-income people, and pay more attention to the overall social stability

comments: the state pays attention to people's livelihood, which means that the boss should pay attention to employees. The packaging industry is in a large labor demand, so the labor cost will be further increased. Therefore, the bosses of the packaging industry will also face challenges in doing a good job in internal management and improving enterprise efficiency

look at regional development: the three new highlights do not cover the four old regions. Looking for new development space, the conference focused on the regional development strategy - "we should focus on the implementation of the three strategies of the 'the Belt and Road', the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the Yangtze River economic belt, and strive for a good start next year." However, the meeting also stressed that "the overall regional development strategy of developing the west, revitalizing the northeast, rising the middle and taking the lead in the East should continue to be implemented."

it is necessary to bring packaging into the process of circular economy.

in the current era, resources and environment have become the main problems facing mankind. Packaging plays an important role in human production, circulation and consumption activities, and has become an indispensable part for people's life and World Trade PU materials to print highly complex components. However, the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste and the waste of resources caused by excessive packaging have seriously affected the sustainable development of social economy. Therefore, how to develop green packaging and bring the packaging industry into the track of circular economy has become an urgent problem to be solved

in recent years, green environmental protection has become a hot issue. Therefore, China's packaging industry is also actively exploring the development path, adopting the development model of circular economy to develop in the direction of green environmental protection. In the past development process, the long-term extensive development model has made the development of China's packaging industry increasingly constrained by resource bottlenecks, environmental capacity, and the rise of factor costs, which has become a prominent difficulty and top priority in the adjustment of industrial structure

in view of the outstanding problems existing in the development of China's packaging industry, the solution is to speed up the pace of structural adjustment and adhere to the new industrialization road with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and full play of human resource advantages. The implementation of green packaging is a complex systematic project. We must start from the idea of developing circular economy, use laws and regulations to standardize the whole life cycle of product packaging, and promote the transformation of the packaging industry to ecological conservation through the joint efforts of the government, industry, enterprises and consumers, so as to realize green packaging and make the packaging industry play a greater role in the construction of a harmonious society

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