Discussion on the technology of large pulse long b

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Brief discussion on the technology of large pulse long bag filter

brief discussion on the technology of large pulse long bag filter

I Working principle: the dust collector is composed of ash hopper, upper box, middle box and lower box. The upper, middle and lower boxes are divided into chambers. During operation, the dusty gas enters the ash hopper from the air inlet duct, the coarse dust particles directly fall into the bottom of the ash hopper, the fine dust particles enter the Sino Japanese front and lower boxes with the air flow turning upward, and the dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag. The filtered gas enters the upper box to the clean gas collection pipe - exhaust duct, and is discharged to the atmosphere through the exhaust fan. The ash cleaning process is to cut off the air duct at the clean air outlet of the room first, so that the cloth bag of the room is in a state of no air flow (the air is stopped and the ash is cleaned in each room). Then, open the pulse valve and use compressed air for pulse blowing to remove the dust. The closing time of the shut-off valve is enough to ensure that the dust stripped from the filter bag after blowing settles to the ash hopper, avoiding the phenomenon that the dust is attached to the adjacent filter bag surface with the air flow after leaving the filter bag surface, so that the filter bag can be cleaned thoroughly. The programmable controller can fully control the exhaust valve, pulse valve and ash discharge valve. II Features: 1. The dust remover adopts the chamber stop air pulse injection dust removal technology to replace the control instrument, which overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional pulse dust remover and the chamber reverse blowing dust remover. It has strong dust removal capacity, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small air leakage rate, low energy consumption, less steel consumption, less land occupation, stable and reliable operation and good economic benefits. It is applicable to the purification of dusty gas and material recovery in metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical industry, electric power and light industry. 2. Due to the use of chamber by chamber air stop pulse injection for ash cleaning, the purpose of complete ash cleaning can be achieved by one injection. Therefore, the ash cleaning cycle is prolonged, the ash cleaning energy consumption is reduced, and the air pressure consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the fatigue degree of the filter bag and the pulse valve is correspondingly reduced, thereby doubling the service life of the filter bag and the valve plate. 3. The maintenance and bag changing can be carried out in different rooms without stopping the system fan and under the normal operating conditions of the system. The opening of filter bag adopts elastic expansion ring, which has good sealing performance and is firm and reliable. The keel of the filter bag is polygonal, which reduces the friction between the bag and the keel, prolongs the service life of the bag, and is easy to unload the bag. 4. The upper bag pulling method is adopted. After the framework is pulled out during bag changing, the dirty bag is put into the ash hopper at the lower part of the box and taken out from the manhole, which improves the bag changing operation conditions. 5. The box body adopts airtight design, with good sealing performance. The inspection door uses excellent sealing materials. Kerosene is used to detect leakage during the manufacturing process, and the air leakage rate is very low. 6. The inlet and outlet air ducts are arranged compactly with small air flow resistance. 3、 Series design: 1. According to different diameters of filter bags, different arrangement of filter bags in each room and different filtering areas, the long bag pulse dust collector is divided into three different series, which are combined into rows in the unit of room, and divided into single arrangement and double arrangement. a. It is divided into single row and double row, and the size of filter bag is 130x6000. The pulse injection pressure can be low pressure (0..3mpa) or high pressure (0..5mpa), which can be selected by the user. b. Only two rows are arranged, and the size of filter bag is 130x6000. Pulse injection pressure is generally designed as low pressure (0..3mpa). c. Only two rows are arranged, and the size of filter bag is 160x6000. The pulse injection pressure is high pressure (0..5mpa). If the user has special requirements, the special type can be designed according to the user's opinions. 2. The dust concentration at the inlet of the dust collector is generally allowed to be less than 50g/nm3. If there are special requirements, it can be designed according to the user's requirements. IV Selection of dust collector: 1 Selection of filtration speed filtration speed is a key factor in the selection of dust collector, which shall be determined according to the nature of smoke or dust, application occasions, dust particle size, viscosity, gas temperature, moisture content, dust concentration and different filter materials. When the dust particle size is fine, the temperature and humidity are high, the concentration is large, and the viscosity is large, the low value should be selected. If ≤ 1m/min; On the contrary, high value can be selected, generally not more than 1.5m/min. For dust with large particle size, normal temperature, dry, non sticky and extremely low concentration, 1.5 ~ 2m/min can be selected. When selecting the filtration speed, it shall be calculated that the net filtration wind speed when reducing the filtration area of one room (during ash removal) shall not exceed the above value. 2. the filter material shall be considered according to the temperature, moisture content, acid and alkali properties, dust viscosity, concentration and abrasive resistance of the dusty gas. Generally, when the water content is small and there is no acid, it is selected according to the temperature of dusty gas. At normal temperature or ≤ 130 ° C, 500 ~ 550g/m2 polyester needle felt is commonly used. At 250 ° C, select aramid Nomex data display needle felt or 800g/m2 glass fiber needle felt or 800g/m2 weft double glass fiber fabric or FMS high-temperature filter material (glass fiber material cannot be used for fluorine-containing gas). When the moisture content is large and the dust concentration is large, waterproof and oil proof filter materials (or anti condensation filter materials) or membrane covered filter materials (the base cloth shall be needle felt after waterproof treatment) should be selected. When the dusty gas contains acid and alkali and the gas temperature is ≤ 190 ° C, Ryton (polyphenylene sulfide) needled felt is often used. When the gas temperature is ≤ 240 ° C and the requirements for acid and alkali resistance are not too high, P84 (polyimide) needled felt shall be selected. When the dusty gas is flammable and explosive, anti-static tapestry needle felt shall be selected. When the dusty gas has certain moisture and is flammable and explosive, waterproof, oil-proof and anti-static (three prevention) tapestry needle felt shall be selected

3. Control instrument: PLC microcomputer program controller is used for the ash cleaning control of long bag pulse dust collector. There are three control modes: constant pressure (automatic), timing (automatic) and manual. Constant pressure control: control according to the set pressure difference. When the pressure difference of the dust collector exceeds the set value, each room will automatically remove the ash one time in turn. Timing control: according to the set time, every room shall be cleaned once every other cleaning cycle. Manual control: on the field operation cabinet, each room can be manually controlled to automatically clean the ash once in turn, or each room can be cleaned separately. The control mode shall be selected by the user. If the user has no requirements, the supply shall be controlled on a regular basis. Brief introduction to Wang Gong, the designer of the technical project: () he has been engaged in the design, equipment manufacturing and general contracting of air pollution control for more than 20 years. It has 20 national patents Presided over the design of more than 20 large and medium-sized environmental protection projects and the general contracting of 2 large-scale environmental protection projects, involving a project investment of nearly 200million yuan, which is the main task of the (electric bag) construction. Below, the technical personnel of the company briefly introduced the problems that should be paid attention to in the installation of 1 pull down testing machine: one of the responsible persons, with rich construction organization and management experience, It is also the participation of the National 863 Program for the first domestic electrostatic precipitator to be changed into a bag filter in terms of cubic/hour flue gas volume. Main person in charge of bag type dust removal design scheme for 75t/h boiler of Xinghuo thermal power plant Worked with Australian bag filter experts to study and participate in the design of dust collectors in the domestic power industry Designed in november2005

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