Discussion on variable displacement engine

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Discussion: variable displacement engine

this paper is mainly concerned with printing the standard experimental report composed of force value, displacement, stiffness, curve and other data, and the engine variable displacement low partial friction. It is understood that the specific implementation method is to divide the existing connecting rod into two. The task of the upper connecting rod is to maintain the vertical movement of the piston to do work, transfer the partial friction, and realize the partial friction by the partial friction sliding block and the partial friction sliding groove, plus good lubrication, In order to improve the efficiency of the engine all the time, the variable lift is realized through the variable lift slider and the variable face cobalt price soaring lift chute. The variable lift chute has a certain curved surface, which is matched with the quadric surface to achieve the purpose of variable lift. The data discreteness is small. At the same time of solving the eccentric friction, the position of the connecting rod can be offset. Based on the area of each sliding block, the length of the sliding surface will not exceed 10% of the original cylinder. Linked control with crankshaft, smooth transition


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