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Discuss the value and business prospect of RFID technology application

note that there is no perfect solution in the world. Just like a four seater new car, it is equipped with 36 tea cup holders and a 12 inch LCD TV. Its fuel is used vegetable oil, and even its tires are so solid that it claims to be able to run 2million miles. In this way, it can also greatly reduce the number of discarded old tires and play an environmental role. But when you drive for 30 minutes, you will find that your ass is like being beaten up by a mob. But then again, no one has assured you that advanced technology means stability and comfort, right

to be honest, in the past three years, I have suffered a lot from this "mob", and the domestic construction aluminum market demand has declined; On the other hand, the construction aluminum profile industry has a large capacity. From time to time, they hide in letters from readers, protest against me, and often ridicule the extensive reports on RFID and related technologies that InformationWeek has always advocated. Some people may think that all these articles about RFID are nonsense. Of course, it sounds like they have good reasons. For example, the price of chips is too high; Lack of any general standards; Although some people want to try it, they are worried that their privacy will be violated; There are even rumors that the RFID private information of shopping in the mall will be sent to a huge GPS network designed by Enron and supported by the Ministry of information

however, in the past few months, the application of RFID technology has suddenly reached a considerable scale in some very different application fields. As a result, the previous doubts about the technology will be swept away, and RFID seems to burst out an undisputed huge energy in an instant. More importantly, the company's senior leaders quickly understood and accepted the breakthrough business value brought by RFID, such as improving visualization, optimizing the supply chain, reducing waiting time, replacing copywriting and eliminating outdated and useless processes

the following are some recent cases:

v Richard Northcote, member of Bayer Material Technology Implementation Committee and global head of sustainable development, explained: "we have always been committed to creating materials and solutions for sustainable development. Erisign acquired retail solutions, which is good at POS data processing. Previously, VeriSign acquired R4 global solutions (R4 global solutions) has acquired RFID expertise. The combination of the two will enable real-time visualization capabilities, thus providing data for companies such as Gillette, Kimberly Clark, Albertsons, target and Wal Mart

jp Morgan Chase issued 2million credit cards with RFID codes. With this new credit card, users no longer need to swipe the card. As long as they wave it gently, the card reader can recognize it. Its advantage is speed and convenience. It also provides a stronger sense of security for customers who often use credit cards

according to laurie6 and Sullivan of InformationWeek, Maersk Logistics, one of the world's largest shipping companies, recently said that the company participated in a "track and trace" supply chain experiment project with RFID technology as the core, which was launched in Asia not long ago. Cindy Braun, general manager of the company, said: "we expect that this project can provide more secure security means for border ports through the application in the US Customs and ports in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong."

not long ago, sun computer systems (sun) released a set of RFID tangible asset tracking solutions. The original intention of this system is to track and manage sun's three stars around the world: it has a special preference for more than 1500 laboratories of plastic and equipment worth billions of dollars. Now, the goal of this technology is to realize commercial application in the future

according to the associated press, Linda Dillman, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Wal Mart group, said at the company's annual financial analysis conference that in the past year, with the help of RFID technology, the company's commodity shortage has decreased by 16% and the annual sales volume has increased significantly. She also said that the company's replenishment speed for goods with RFID tags is three times that of goods without RFID tags. So far, Wal Mart group has adopted RFID technology in 500 stores

so I think that although RFID is not impeccable, it is a breakthrough technology. It has not only swept away the skepticism of the old school, but also created quantifiable and undoubted business advantages in a wide range of industries. Has your company evaluated the opportunities that RFID may provide to customers, partners and suppliers? If not, when your competitors leave you far behind, your CEO will ask you: why didn't you tap the potential of this new business tool as soon as possible? What should you explain then

source: Information Weekly

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