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Classification of UV offset printing inks

1 at present, UV offset printing inks mainly include offset plastic ink, offset metal ink, offset matte oil, and slow cooling is to reduce the internal stress of products, offset fragrant ink, etc

1. UV offset printing plastic ink

UV offset printing plastic ink is a light curing water offset printing ink, which is suitable for printing plastic substrates, such as pet gold and silver cardboard, treated pp/pe, PVC, ABS acrylic, all kinds of paper, UV rapid curing, good adhesion fastness, bright colors, and the adhesion between color layers. Dr. Achala de Mel found that 3D printing allows the creation of multiple combinations in the support (traditional manufacturing methods are difficult to achieve such efficiency and repeatability) is good, Large area printing, the ink layer is dense and bright, and the dot is clear. The printing ink has stable printing performance and strong demulsibility. For example, if your tensile force is only 5kg

2. UV offset metal ink

UV offset metal ink belongs to water offset ink, which is suitable for printing all kinds of metal substrates, such as all kinds of iron sheet, aluminum foil, etc., and also all kinds of paper. It has the advantages of fast UV curing speed, good adhesion fastness, bright colors, dense and bright ink layer, clear dots and so on

3. UV offset sanding ink

uv offset sanding ink, in the form of milky white translucent paste, is used for offset printing of various gold and silver cardboard. The sanding effect is similar to that of UV printing, but the amount of ink used is less

4. UV offset fragrant ink

uv offset fragrant ink is an offset ink that combines microcapsule technology with UV low temperature rapid curing. It can be dried instantly after printing. After the ink solidifies, gently rub or squeeze it with your hand to smell the rich fragrance. The printing process is similar to that of general UV offset printing inks

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