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Cleaning and maintenance of ceramic roller

as we all know, roller is the heart of flexographic printing machine and the quality guarantee of printing qualified prints. With the gradual growth of flexographic printing market share, both the requirements of insiders for high-quality corrugated rollers and the processing technology level of corrugated roller manufacturers have been correspondingly improved. At the same time, the cleaning and maintenance of the roll by printing manufacturers is undoubtedly a very important link, which will directly affect the quality of prints and the service life of the roll

generally, we divide the cleaning of corrugated rollers into two categories, namely, daily cleaning and periodic cleaning. Daily cleaning refers to the cleaning of the wrinkle roll when changing varieties in each shift. Generally, special steel brushes are used to scrub with powder and cleaning agent, and the dried ink at the bottom of the hole is softened by chemical and physical methods, or the hole space is released by squeezing the ink particles with the particles of the powder. Periodic cleaning refers to the deep and comprehensive cleaning of all corrugated rollers regularly with the help of special cleaning equipment, so as to make up for the shortcomings brought by daily cleaning

the following table lists the comparison of several cleaning schemes for ceramic corrugated rollers

in daily work, it is also of great significance to maintain and maintain the wrinkle roll. A very effective wrinkle roller will cause irreparable losses if it is improperly used or poorly maintained in operation. This is not only the loss of a corrugated roller, but also the impact on the quality stability of printing products. The news of China Securities on October 19 and the product reputation of a company may be affected

although the supply of liquid chlorine and caustic soda to Bayer materials science and technology is different in plate printing production, the causes of problems in the use of wrinkle rollers are often the same. By analyzing its types and causes, we can avoid some problems in production, so as to better control the printing situation and produce products that satisfy customers and ourselves

in recent years, the actual experience in the production process tells us that the factors endangering the wrinkle roll are roughly as follows:

1 Physical damage

the chemical properties of chromium oxide ceramics on the surface of ceramic corrugated rollers are stable, and generally do not react with chemical solvents, but they are very vulnerable to external force erosion, resulting in scratches, cracks and defects on the surface of the roller body. Such damaged corrugated rollers are difficult to repair and need to be marked. They can be staggered by using the graphic layout of the printing plate

2. The color intensity tends to weaken

due to poor cleaning, the holes are blocked, the hole volume becomes smaller, and the ink load is reduced (as shown in Figure 2), so that the release of ink in the roll unit is reduced, and the transferred ink layer is thinner, causing the color of the print to fade, gradual paste, and ink rejection

3. The wear mark line

usually refers to the mating friction of the steel scraper on the surface of the roll body. The wear mark line is in a bright circle around the corrugated roll and is consistent with the rotation direction of the roll body. Through a magnifying glass of more than 200 times, you can observe that these traces are the worn parts of the holes, that is, the top of the wall. Generally, the metal particles grinded off the doctor blade cause bright circles. In some equipment with closed ink chamber, ink supply system, filter and magnet adsorption device, the situation is much better. Of course, the installation of the blade is also very important

4. Periodic natural damage

usually, as a frequently used tool, the corrugated roller will undoubtedly suffer damage in the process of use and maintenance, such as the limitations of cleaning, excessive use of cleaning equipment, resulting in the collapse of the wall, the longitudinal extension of the original cracks, etc. The direct consequence of the collapse of the wall (as shown in Figure 4) is that the hole opening becomes larger, the local ink volume increases, the dot production string 8 in the highlight part is bridged, and the printing level is lost

through production practice, it is learned that among the factors affecting the quality of printing products, the faults and defects of the corrugated roller are details that are easy to ignore, but they are just more important links. In order to find out the existing faults, cleaning treatment must be carried out first, and with the help of more than 200 times of professional corrugated roller magnifying glass, in order to obtain the best inspection effect. At the same time, a set of bearing bracket is required to facilitate the rotation of the corrugated roller on the bracket, and the center degree of the pivot shaft is detected with a dial indicator. The dry ink on the printing press bearing, the bent and deformed drive shaft and the damaged gear will cause deviation in the overall operation of the corrugated roller. Although the hardness of chromium oxide ceramics is very high, it is very easy to damage the coating after being impacted by external forces. The best way is to handle it gently during the cleaning process. The clean and standby corrugated roller should be wrapped with a plastic sheath with lining, and marked with marks (BCM value, number of lines, cleaner, date, etc.), so that the records are complete, and the cleaning situation within a period of time can also be analyzed and summarized, so that the process personnel can master the traceable data

effective cleaning means can restore the cavity volume of the corrugated roller, improve the consistency of the product in the pattern and text, and the orderly maintenance of the corrugated roller will greatly improve its service life. ※

Author: Wang Gang

author unit: Shanghai white cat Co., Ltd. Shanghai toothpaste factory

source: China flexo printing

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