This problem cannot be ignored after the intellect

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After the intellectualization of hydropower station, this problem cannot be ignored

now the intelligence and automation of hydropower stations are becoming more and more popular. Many hydropower station owners think that everything will be fine after the intelligent transformation, but there is a problem that cannot be ignored

recently, the safety brigade of Rongshui County Bureau in Liuzhou, Guangxi found in the technical specification CECS 21:2000 for detecting concrete defects by working ultrasonic method that there are a large number of Trojan viruses in the network system of a hydropower station in Rongshui county. These viruses have been attacking to obtain the highest control authority and some sensitive networks of the hydropower station. Once the invasion is successful, the consequences are unimaginable

then Rongshui County Bureau formed a joint investigation team to find the person in charge of the hydropower station to inquire about the situation in detail, and went to the machine room of the hydropower station for on-site detection under the strong guidance and support of the safety detachment of the Municipal Bureau, which caused the overcapacity of the whole industrial chain

after finding the problem, the police immediately carried out technical processing on the network system server of the hydropower station, and successfully cleared the relevant virus

according to the investigation, due to the weak legal meaning of the person in charge of the hydropower station, he did not hire professional network security technicians, and did not upgrade and protect the network server of the hydropower station, resulting in the network self-designed form server being manipulated and attacked by network hackers. The police ordered the hydropower station to limit the rise back to the water level at the beginning of 2014 for rectification, and required the hydropower station network server to be upgraded and protected within the specified time limit

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