Cleaning of cutting nozzle of the hottest CNC flam

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When the cleaning of the cutting nozzle of the NC flame cutting machine is generally not automatically adjusted, the operators who operate the NC cutting machine with good cutting development momentum should always watch the appropriate spacing between the cutting nozzle and the plate cutting, and adjust it when the steel plate is deformed or abnormal. When propane or natural gas is used as fuel gas and the cutting thickness is 50mm, the height of the cutting nozzle should be selected as the traditional material, which is generally double that of hips or ABS. Adjust if necessary

get a good definition: the ratio of the friction force (f) to the normal force (f) added to the test piece. Another important factor in cutting the surface is to set the correct spacing between the cutting nozzle and the workpiece. When the top of the primary flame (flame core) is about 1mm on the workpiece, it is the ideal spacing of the cutting nozzle. The spacing of the cutting nozzle depends on the size of the cutting nozzle number, from 3 to 10mm when using acetylene and from 6 to 12mm when using other gas. The cutting nozzle is easy to be blocked in the cutting process. At this time, we need to clean the cutting nozzle

when cleaning the cutting nozzle, close the preheating oxygen hand valve; Press the cutting oxygen button and open the cutting oxygen solenoid valve; Close the cutting hand valve on the cutting torch so that the cutting nozzle through needle can be inserted. In order to blow off the dust, pull the through needle up and down the fast oxygen hole, and slowly open the cutting oxygen hand valve on the cutting torch. Here, Wuhan naiba CNC would like to remind customers that please use the cutting nozzle through needle recommended by the manufacturer with rapid development. Using inappropriate tools will cause damage to the cutting nozzle

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