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The cleaning principle and characteristics of the integrated desktop small ultrasonic cleaning machine

the ultrasonic electrical control department saves energy (commonly known as: generator), transmits the electric energy signal to the transducer (some people call it: vibrator), and the transducer converts the high-frequency oscillation electric signal into high-frequency mechanical vibration, radiates in the cleaning fluid (water, oil or solvent) in the form of longitudinal wave, and during the half wave of radiation wave expansion, The compactness of the cleaning solution is destroyed and countless bubbles with a diameter of UM are formed. This kind of bubble is full of solution steam. During the half wave of compression, the gas bubble closes and bursts rapidly during "1015", which produces a local hydraulic impact of hundreds of MPa (nuclear explosion). This phenomenon is called "cavitation" effect. Under the continuous "cavitation" effect, the dirt in the cleaned product surface, patterns or more hidden holes is cracked and peeled off. At the same time, under the action of ultrasonic wave, the penetration of cleaning fluid is strengthened, pulsating mixing is intensified, dissolved, quickly decomposed and floated, so as to thoroughly clean the product parts

characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning

the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. Using ultrasonic cleaning, we can quickly and thoroughly remove all kinds of oil stains, debris, powder impurities on product parts:

we can clean the dirt with patterns, grooves, curved holes, holes and blind holes

no damage to the product surface

various suitable cleaning solutions can be used to remove the dirt to be cleaned

at room temperature or so, the market demand for this process also increases further. Cleaning can be carried out with appropriate heating (generally about 60 ° C)

save energy, workplace and reduce labor intensity

the efficiency of quick and qualified cleaning is dozens of times that of manual cleaning

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