Hottest Benxi uyptj610kv mining metal shielded cab

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Benxi uyptj6/10kv mining metal shielded cable general agent

Benxi uyptj6/10kv mining metal shielded cable general agent

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product brand Xinlong power cable group product models are complete production city is listed in transmission control Langfang city shipping City Langfang city total supply 100000 minimum order 2 product unit price 0 1 unit of measurement one meter product details

Benxi uyptj6/10kv mining metal shielded cable general agent

affected by the economic situation at home and abroad, China's industry is currently facing four major problems: developed countries return to high-end manufacturing, increasing the competitive pressure of our products; Other surrounding developing countries compete with China for low-end manufacturing with lower labor costs and production factor costs; The cost of production factors such as labor costs in China continues to rise, and enterprise profits are compressed; China is controlled by others in terms of core technology, and its scientific and technological innovation ability is insufficient. We should be determined to seriously deal with the pressure from these aspects, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry through industrial transformation and upgrading. China's wire and cable industry has made great progress in transformation, upgrading, innovation and other aspects. At present, according to relevant data statistics, the output value of China's wire and cable industry has exceeded trillion after the first generation of new mini in 2001, and has become the second largest industry in the electrical and electrical industry, second only to the automobile manufacturing industry. The achievements of the development of wire and cable industry are remarkable. Like the whole Chinese industry, the wire and cable industry is facing some problems in development: on the one hand, the requirements for products are constantly improving. Judge whether the cable is coordinated with the protection device; If it is not coordinated, judge whether the appropriate protective device or setting value can be changed, otherwise, re select the appropriate cable carrying surface. The purpose of the cable is for power, lighting, radio communication, etc. Cable laying position - dry, wet, low temperature and whether shielding is required. Working conditions - fixed laying, number of pipes and movable, etc. According to the development of domestic and foreign shipbuilding industry in recent years, it is expected that the future ship market demand will be dominated by large tonnage, with high technology content and high added value. The survey shows that the world shipbuilding center is accelerating its transfer to China. At present, the Yangtze River Delta in China, relying on the intersection of its golden waterway and the gold coast, should change its edge in time, and has become a gathering area for the investment transfer of the world shipbuilding industry. Affected by the external economic environment, the international market will have a short-term downturn compared with previous years. However, the domestic shipbuilding industry will continue to thrive, which will be affected by the implementation of China's marine development strategy

is gradually shifting from low-end to medium and high-end; On the other hand, the market environment is more complex, changing from meeting domestic demand to participating in international competition. Therefore, through industrial transformation and upgrading, taking improving quality as the core link, and then extending to brand, market and technological innovation, has become the key link to improve industrial competitiveness and realize the transformation of the industry from big to strong. In recent years, we have increased policy support for the joint reorganization of wire and cable enterprises, organized enterprises to actively respond to foreign antitrust investigations, and actively guided the industry to continue to concentrate on advantageous enterprises. Together with the electrical appliance industry association, we will promote the implementation of the "12th Five Year Plan" development guidelines for the wire and cable industry, guide enterprises to increase research and development efforts, improve product technology and added value, and accelerate product upgrading and industrial transformation and upgrading. For the development of wire and cable industry, Yang Xueshan put forward five requirements: first, based on improving quality, improve the quality management level of the whole process of products; Second, promote enterprises to establish a total quality management system

several reasons for cable aging Author: this website source: this website time: January 29, 2018 font: [large, medium and small] contact wires and cables. The most direct reason for aging failure is insulation reduction and breakdown. There are many factors for the reduction of conductivity and insulation. According to the actual operation experience, it can be summarized as follows. 1) Cable aging reason: external force damage. According to the operation analysis in recent years, especially in haipudong, where the economy is developing rapidly, a considerable number of cable faults are caused by mechanical damage. For example, nonstandard construction during cable laying and installation is easy to cause mechanical damage; Civil construction on directly buried cables is also very easy to damage the cables in operation. L sometimes, if the damage is not serious, it will take months or even years to cause the complete breakdown of the damaged part to form a fault. Sometimes, if the damage is serious, a short-circuit fault may occur, It directly affects the safety production of electricity and power users. 2) cable aging causes: insulation is affected by moisture.

the application of wires and cables is mainly classified and insulated manufacturing process power system: the wire and cable products used in the power system mainly include crowding bare wires, bus bars (buses), power cables (plastic cables, oil paper power cables (basically replaced by plastic power cables), rubber sheathed cables, crowding out cables), branch cables (replacing some busbars), electromagnetic wires and electrical equipment wires and cables for power equipment. Information transmission system: the wires and cables used in the information transmission system mainly include local telephone cables, television cables, electronic cables, radio frequency cables, optical fiber cables, data cables, electromagnetic cables, power communication or other composite cables. Mechanical equipment, instrument and meter system: except for crowding out bare wires, almost all other products are used in this part, but mainly power cables, electromagnetic cables, data cables, instrument and meter cables, etc. Polytetrafluoroethylene insulation processing technology polytetrafluoroethylene insulation manufacturing processing technology, there are three main processing methods: polytetrafluoroethylene paste extrusion (piston extrusion) piston extrusion is paste polytetrafluoroethylene cold extrusion or ointment extrusion

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