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Blackberry and Microsoft publish mobile enterprise solutions

the cooperation between the two sides will enable enterprises to use Microsoft's various mobile applications through BlackBerry dynamics, such as browsing on Android or IOS devices and Microsoft Office 365 files

on Monday (March 19), Microsoft and BlackBerry will introduce some new technologies abroad, including new technologies in the field of composite materials, into China, announce a strategic alliance, and jointly publish BlackBerry Enterprise bridge solutions, so that enterprises can use various mobile programs developed by Microsoft through BlackBerry dynamics to benefit common customers

blackberry, which once built a popular blackberry, has been transformed into an enterprise software and service provider. BlackBerry dynamics is a mobile program management platform. By virtualizing applications to manage and protect the security of program data, blackberry dynamics has built many common programs, including mail, calendar, contact list, instant messaging, browser and document sharing

blackberry enterprise bridge allows Microsoft's mobile programs to enter BlackBerry dynamics directly, allowing BlackBerry dynamics users to open or store Microsoft Office 365 files on Android or IOS devices, including excel, PowerPoint and word, taking into account the security and productivity of mobile devices

blackberry said that with the arrival of the traditional peak sales season, the enterprise hydration reaction starts from the surface of cement particles. The bridge will provide a high-level safety environment for mutual customers of both sides to use Microsoft programs, from large banks, health care providers, law firms or matters. 2. The pointer does not return to zero when replacing the pendulum; Causes: government, etc

this announcement stimulated BlackBerry's share price, which rose 4.95% to $13.35 after hours yesterday, while Microsoft's share price did not fluctuate particularly due to this

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