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Brand 2009 packaging returns to the "appearance Association"

in the 2009 global financial crisis, insufficient consumption, and the economic environment where it is difficult to eliminate such reasons, the world's major brand-name enterprises need to achieve stable development, maintain the continuous growth of 2008 profit income, further promote their product brand image, expand their influence, and avoid falling into a growing financial crisis, We must start to pay attention to providing value-added services for customers

packaging is a versatile player, which can quickly adapt to the changes of consumers' shopping needs. The global economic cooperation area is expanding, and trade barriers are gradually eliminated. This development trend has expanded the market and consumer groups. In order to meet more needs, more novel packaging came into being

as an effective tool for market communication and an important medium to highlight brand image, packaging plays an increasingly important role. Whether small tablets in blister packaging or toxic chemicals in containers, good packaging can extend the shelf life of products and ensure the quality, hygienic performance and integrity of products. Product packaging may bear various impacts and pressures in the production and logistics chain, so packaging should play a more protective role in the storage and transportation process. For many years, packaging has been the link between mass consumer goods producers and consumers, and is a recognized and very effective marketing tool

at the beginning of the new year in 2009, with the impact of the crisis solidified by the release of a large amount of heat from finance in 2008, in order to eliminate the impact of the groups in various industrial fields of the crisis, the major groups have chosen to change their faces to meet the market demand for high-performance materials, and their actions on the product packaging image are surprisingly consistent. The product packaging of the major enterprises listed in 2009 have changed their faces and returned to the appearance Association, The highlights are endless

statement: beautiful appearance The oil tank adopts a fully enclosed structure

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