Hottest boss 67x29b17w771r072s2

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Boss 67x2+9b17+w771+r072+s272 Yuejie big suction five piece set use evaluation

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rjanyy said: "We are separating the innovation of plastic and paint combination and high profit business, so it is important to use it in the fatigue life experiment of sliding transmission belt obam/boss 67x2+9b17+w771+r072+s272 Yuejie high suction five piece set

boss smoke stove and smoke elimination set model: 67x2+9b17+w771+r072+r072

intelligent type: does not support intelligent

range hood model: 67x2

range hood exhaust air volume: 18 vertical 3. Simultaneous activity square meters/minutes

color classification: 1.Yuejie 67x 2+9b17+w771+r072+s272 five piece set

fuel type: natural gas liquefied gas

control panel material of range hood: tempered glass

gas stove structure: embedded

installation position of range hood: top suction

local service: local door-to-door installation

post-sale service: national joint insurance

range hood elimination package type: combination of range hood elimination

range hood type: European style the

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