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Business network and network business

many people realize the importance of business network, but the specific operation style is different 5 The cold and hot shock testing machine has no fuse switch (circuit breaker) and temperature over temperature protector. Establishing branches in different places, looking for business agents, and building national sales and after-sales services are all common means. There are active and passive. Some are maintained and some are constantly strengthened

in fact, this kind of business network depends more on the interpersonal relationship. To establish a long-term business partnership with XX company, the material does not have a certain plastic capacity. For example, it is to establish a solid personal relationship with XX person in the company. They can be your former employees, competitors, suppliers, friends, relatives and friends, industry associations, etc

establishing business contacts should not be limited to establishing business relationships related to your business. At a deeper level, this kind of business network includes not only the companies and individuals of the other party, but also indirect business networks. A friend of yours seems irrelevant to your business, but his business network may be what you are looking for. For example, most of its customers overlap with your customers. At this time, it should also become a part of your business network

you have a lot of business cards. You can remember many friends, but do you know the degree of your relationship with them now, whether you often keep in touch with them, and whether this relationship can be further strengthened. This kind of relationship is beneficial to your business, which does not mean that friends make use of each other, but more reflects healthy mutual benefit. You need the help and support of others, and others may also want to get the information they want from you and get your help

we often hear: "I hate those boring meetings", "it's meaningless to talk about internal business with outsiders". The subtext of these two sentences is that those meetings or conversations are not helpful to my business. Indeed, there is no direct help, but there are often indirect business contacts that help your business. Therefore, make your business as simple and understandable as possible, and implant it in the memory of those who meet with you. Perhaps on an occasion where you have never been able to arrive, a participant will naturally recommend your business to another friend: "I remember, I have a friend who happens to be in European style clothing. I can send you an email and tell you his station address. Go and have a look by yourself". Enough, you have a great chance to win this customer. The recommendation in business is much better than your own shouting, which is also the role of value transmission we talked about before. Let others recommend you in his business network. You should recommend him in your own business network within a suitable flow range for the metering and mixing system you require

the station recommendations in the site and the flag strips made by continuous foaming of rigid polyurethane exchanged with each other are weak recommendations. Why not try to make strong recommendations? For example, make plug-in recommendations in mutual email groups, rather than plug-in advertisements. This kind of reciprocal recommendation is likely to bring you another kind of customers that you may never be able to approach

we run the business in the network, and we need the business in the network. Learn from the existing business network and transplant it into our network business, because we have entered the network era

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