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For the first time decoration of the rookie, decoration is like a war without smoke of gunpowder. How to fight this battle well is the key Preparation before decoration is absolutely indispensable. We often see rookies "lurking" in Wuhan Decoration Forum and decoration diary to see your decoration experience. Of course, I often look for my favorite decoration style, confirm the decoration budget, understand the decoration knowledge, etc. in Wuhan Decoration Forum, consulting with Wuhan decoration company is often an essential link, but due to some improper methods of consumers, I often can't get valuable information after consulting. Xiaobian interviews industry experts and asks them to teach you how to consult so as to help yourself

first battle, don't make meaningless consultation calls

people often call home decoration companies to ask such questions: "my home is about 100 square meters, how much does it cost to decorate?" Such questions often make the staff of home decoration companies unable to answer. If the quotation of the staff is "expected to be about 20000", some owners will ask: "is 20000 yuan sure to come down, can't you add it?"

in fact, such phones often do not get practical decoration help. The designer of Aohua decoration said: "Due to different house types, different renovation contents, different styles and decoration grades, the quotation of the same area may vary a lot. So when consulting the decoration price, don't ask the price by phone in general. Now many home decoration companies provide free scale design services. If the owner wants to know the accurate quotation, he might as well talk with the designer in person and provide him with his decoration requirements. In this way, the designer can according to your requirements And the actual area of the room to calculate a quotation with reference value. " In addition, it is easy to fall into price misunderstanding and ignore some other important factors in decoration, such as service and quality, in addition to price, simply making inquiries from decoration companies by telephone and taking this as the standard to measure decoration companies

second battle, don't be in a hurry to say your thoughts

"I found a lot of design drawings online, do you think I can change my profession like this", "I want to smash this wall down and make the living room look more transparent"... Because people have a general decoration plan before decoration, they often can't wait to say their thoughts when communicating with designers and focus on themselves when designing consulting

because most owners are not professional designers, some ideas are borrowed from the Internet, books or others, which may not be suitable for their new home. The designer of Longfa decoration home page believes that: "Before decoration, consumers should make clear their careers, hobbies, favorite decoration styles and decoration budgets to designers, so that designers can make personalized designs for decoration from a professional point of view, according to your personal and bedroom characteristics, and help you make a reasonable allocation of funds to determine the investment focus in bedroom decoration. Where you are not satisfied with the designer's design, you can repeatedly communicate and compare, and finally achieve satisfaction." The effect of. " So in the design consultation, you might as well be a student first and listen to the opinions of designers. If you are in a hurry to say your ideas first, it will often lead designers to follow your ideas, but your ideas may not be the best and most feasible

third battle, don't look at the model room casually

many owners who are preparing to decorate often ask to see the model room in order to understand how the home decoration company's construction site is. If they feel good, they will continue to talk. However, many owners don't know what to look at when looking at the model room. In fact, when looking at the model room, we should look at it with purpose, focus and pertinence, so as to really see the management and service of the home decoration company

a model room cannot represent the overall situation of the home decoration company. A strict management system and quality assurance system can restrict every designer, supervisor and construction team of the decoration company, and ensure the project quality. The home designer of Yezhifeng decoration said, "the owner should first understand the company's qualifications and various management systems before looking at the model room, and it is necessary to investigate the model room only after having preliminary trust. The owner should not make haste when visiting the model room, but should, according to his own needs, require the home decoration company to provide all the information in the construction site, and he should investigate it pertinently." During the inspection, the owner should also pay attention to details, such as whether the workers are dressed uniformly, whether the materials are stacked neatly, whether various management systems are implemented on site, etc

for the owners of decoration, decoration is a non trivial matter. Especially the Chinese people, their whole life's struggle is basically on this house. Therefore, when decorating, it is absolutely unambiguous. The preparation before decoration must be done. Only by comprehensively preparing for decoration can we fight a beautiful battle of decoration




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