The decoration style of the bedroom is dazzling

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Comfortable, simple, fashionable, retro, elegant, everyone's choice of bedroom style is different. The bedroom is not only a place for people to live, but also a warm home for people. Only by choosing what suits them and what they like, can they enjoy and pursue a happy life in this home. The following small series will bring you several bedroom decoration style renderings with different styles

when you think of a Japanese style bedroom, do you think of a Japanese style tatami with great characteristics, and if you fit this feature and lay the mattress directly on the ground, is it very close to the charm of tatami? Coupled with Japanese style bedding, especially the blue print blanket, it can be easily created

light blue striped bedding occupies most of the line of sight in this space, making the bedroom look very fresh. The lattice door, which is made of colorful geometric figures, is quietly guarding the bedside. The humorous and changing tone enhances the interest of the space and eliminates the cold feeling caused by the blue and white space

in fact, the room has a higher floor height, but the bed adopts a lower style ingeniously, which can make the whole space more spacious and magnificent. The bedstead is orange, with a warm and skin friendly bedside support. The whole bed is covered with a huge lace blanket, and the edge has touched the ground. With the orange carpet of the same color as the bedstead, it creates an extremely comfortable warmth for the whole area

the bedroom is located in the attic, and the oblique overhead window at the head of the bed makes the inconspicuous space very bright. The fluffy tufted carpet achieves the myth that the floor is more comfortable than the bed, and the huge blanket also adds points to the comfort of the bed. The flowers at the head of the bed and the paintings on the side wall are embellished with elegant life. (internship editor fangzhiqiang)





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