Natural element wallpaper creates a fresh home

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Breathing in a clean and transparent environment, there are pure dreams carried by pink, as well as the lovely fun brought by puppets. The red and white zebra stripes build the most perfect nest for that beautiful childhood

wallpaper highlights: small zebra stripes are used to set off the sweet and soft beauty of the room, better highlighting the clean and tidy style

highlights: the red chandelier shortens the distance of the whole space, and the furry fur carpet adds a little warmth to the clear environment

the silhouette and outline of the coffee cup on the breathing wallpaper are listed and arranged. The light and dark colors of the wooden tables and chairs are very simple. In fact, coffee is an attitude to life, leisurely but sober, casual but fragrant and charming

Wallpapers highlights: the seemingly unnatural coffee theme wallpapers can best reflect the natural way of daily life, which is sometimes relaxed

highlights: you don't need too much wall decoration. You can easily coordinate the density of coffee wallpaper with a few simple wall paintings

the combination of wood flooring and brown bed cover has a consistent depth, forming a clear contrast with the white wall. The simple and generous wood grain wallpaper will continue the preference for natural wood, which has brought many interesting changes to the original flat bedroom collocation




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