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Zhangbaoshun went deep into Ma'anshan, Wuhu and Tongling to investigate the economic and social development from July 7 to 9, provincial Party Secretary zhangbaoshun went deep into Ma'anshan, Wuhu and Tongling to investigate the economic and social development. He stressed that we should seize the major opportunity of the national construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, plan ahead, make practical progress, combine the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt with the construction of Wanjiang demonstration zone and the transformation and upgrading of Wanjiang cities, and strive to create new advantages of sustainable development in transformation and upgrading. Zhangbaoshun stressed during his research in Wuhu Tongling, Ma'anshan that he should seize the great opportunity of national construction of the Yangtze River economic belt to create new advantages of transformation, upgrading and sustainable development. On July 7, zhangbaoshun, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, came to Ma'anshan Valin Xingma Automobile Co., Ltd. to inspect the production line of automobile engines. Xuguokang

from July 7 to 9, zhangbaoshun, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, went deep into Maanshan, Wuhu and Tongling to investigate the economic and social development. He stressed that we should seize the great opportunity of the national construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, plan ahead and make practical progress, combine the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt with the construction of Wanjiang demonstration zone and the upgrading of the machined surface of the parts of the Wanjiang City Transformation 4 experimental machine, and strive to create new advantages of 3D printing materials that will be widely used in the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of various advanced fields, including tissue engineering, software robots and nano devices. Tangchengpei, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary General of the provincial Party committee, and the main responsible comrades of relevant departments directly under the provincial government accompanied the investigation

Anhui sits on the eight hundred mile Wanjiang river. The use of golden waterways and the development of coastline resources are of great significance for promoting the development and opening up along the river and even the development of the whole province. Zhangbaoshun first came to Zhengpu port new area in Ma'anshan to learn about the traffic layout and port construction. He pointed out that while accelerating port construction, efforts should be made to improve the comprehensive transportation network and strive to build a river sea intermodal hub. The completion and opening of Ma'anshan Yangtze River Bridge has opened a new page in the history of bridge construction in our province. Zhangbaoshun fully affirmed its planning and design level and construction management mode. He stressed the need to improve the road system, improve the traffic capacity, and open up a fast track that is fully integrated into the Yangtze River Delta. When he came to Wuhu port international container terminal, zhangbaoshun asked about the construction of modern comprehensive logistics system in detail. He asked relevant departments to break the administrative division line, optimize the allocation of shoreline resources, improve the development and utilization efficiency, and make Wanjiang a real golden waterway based on the overall development situation of the province, with capital and market as the link

only through transformation and upgrading can we improve quality and efficiency and achieve sustainable development. At Ma'anshan Valin Xingma, Yuanrong optoelectronics and Masteel Jinxi axle company, zhangbaoshun encouraged enterprises to aim at the industry frontier, strengthen independent innovation, break through key technologies and continuously improve their core competitiveness. When visiting Mengniu Dairy in Ma'anshan, Taiwan Flower Expo Park, green building materials Industrial Park and Wuhu Intangible Culture Expo Park, zhangbaoshun asked the enterprise to rely on its regional advantages, find out the market positioning, pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and continue to become bigger and stronger in the competition. He came to Wuhu EFT intelligent equipment company and Wuhu Robotics Industry Technology Research Institute of Harbin Institute of technology to have face-to-face exchanges with enterprise leaders and researchers. Zhangbaoshun said that the development prospect of the robotics industry is very broad. It is necessary to seize the opportunity of the national industrial agglomeration pilot, and vigorously promote the collection of innovative elements such as talents, technologies, projects and funds to get rid of the backward situation of relying on price competition for medium and low-end materials, Accelerate the integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains, and strive to build a robot industry cluster with international competitiveness. In Tongling Jinwei Copper Co., Ltd., Nike extrusion Co., Ltd. and Yongli Electronics Co., Ltd., he introduced packaging and Jinguan Copper Co., Ltd. certified by the forest management committee. He had a deep understanding of the process flow and production and operation status, and stressed the need to vigorously develop deep processing, extend the industrial chain, enhance added value, and strengthen and optimize the leading industry

social governance innovation must consolidate the grass-roots foundation and improve the level of serving the people. Banshan garden, Yushan District, Ma'anshan City is a national civilized community. Zhangbaoshun watched the community cultural activities with great interest and praised them for winning glory for the creation of Anhui civilization. He should sum up successful experience, further strengthen the construction of harmonious communities and improve the happiness index of the people. Wuhu Jinghu District citizen service center, supported by information construction, provides one-stop comprehensive services for residents and has won praise from the masses. Zhangbaoshun said that this digital management mode reflects the concept of building a smart government and is a useful exploration of social governance innovation. We should actively promote this practice, make full use of modern scientific and technological means, and truly open up the last mile of contact and serve the people. When inspecting the Beidou Star City Project in Tongling City, zhangbaoshun requested that people's livelihood should be given priority, attention should be paid to gathering popularity, and creating a commercial, leisure and tourism area where people can live and work in peace and contentment

since the construction of beautiful villages, the rural areas in the province have taken on a new look, and the people's production and living conditions have been significantly improved, which is generally welcomed by the farmers. Taicang village, Ma'anshan City took the lead in implementing the rural collective assets shareholding system reform, allowing farmers to be shareholders and sharing development achievements, which was praised by zhangbaoshun. He encouraged the village committee and the village committee to carry forward the spirit of reform, continue to explore and practice, expand the collective economy, and let the people get more benefits. When he came to beitaoguanxiang village, Wuhu County, zhangbaoshun visited the farmers' families to talk about the people's livelihood with the masses and understand the construction of beautiful villages. When he saw that many villagers set up agritainment, he said that with the faster and faster pace of life, rural tourism has increasingly become a way of life for people to relax. We should adhere to high standard planning and high starting point construction, vigorously develop rural tourism, and make farmers' pockets bulge as soon as possible

good ecological environment is the characteristic resource and competitive advantage of Wanjiang region. After stepping into the Binjiang New Area of Ma'anshan City and the Binjiang ecological park of Tongling City, zhangbaoshun inspected the environmental governance along the Yangtze River. He said that the development along the Yangtze River must adhere to the ecological priority, correctly handle the relationship between development and protection, and strive to find a new path of ecological environmental protection and green development. The Yanghuang highway in Wuhu County has introduced the market mechanism to build the green belt, and achieved the effect of multiple wins with one stroke. Zhangbaoshun requested to further innovate the operation mode and improve the long-term mechanism of three lines and three edges governance. In Tongling Kaiyuan metal recycling industrial park, he stressed that the strictest environmental protection system should be implemented according to the development concept of circular economy, and an ecological environmental protection demonstration zone should be built

in the survey, zhangbaoshun pointed out that since this year, the whole province has adhered to making progress while maintaining stability, reform and innovation, and economic and social development has shown a good momentum. At the same time, we should also see that the current macro situation is generally complex and severe, and the downward pressure on the economy is still large. We should not only enhance our sense of urgency, make early preparations and strengthen prevention, but also strengthen our confidence in development, firmly grasp the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, take comprehensively deepening reform as the fundamental driving force, and take strengthening independent innovation and developing the private economy as the important driving force, and unswervingly change the mode, adjust the structure and benefit the people's livelihood, We will promote sustained, healthy and rapid economic and social development and ensure that the annual goals and tasks are fulfilled

zhangbaoshun stressed that the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt is a major strategic measure to combine China's regional coordinated development and opening up to the outside world in the new era, and promote development to the medium and high-end level. It is also a major historical opportunity for a new round of development in Anhui. We should conscientiously implement the deployment requirements of the central government, closely combine the actual situation of Anhui, plan ahead, make practical progress, take the lead, and strive to create new advantages in transformation, upgrading and sustainable development. It is necessary to combine the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt with the construction of demonstration zones for undertaking industrial transfer in the Wanjiang urban belt, increase investment attraction, scientifically undertake industrial transfer, improve the new mechanism for coordinated development, and form a new pattern of opening to the outside world. We should combine the construction of the Yangtze River economic belt with the transformation and upgrading of Wanjiang cities, actively build an urbanization development pattern with urban agglomeration as the main form, strengthen the environmental protection and ecological restoration of river basins, speed up the construction of urban infrastructure, further improve the comprehensive carrying capacity, and strive to achieve the docking and synchronous development with the Yangtze River economic belt

zhangbaoshun pointed out that the construction of beautiful villages and the renovation of the three lines and three edges of the environment are important measures to improve the appearance of urban and rural areas and the living environment of the people. On the basis of consolidating the achievements, all relevant departments at all levels should further strengthen the promotion measures, improve the long-term mechanism and ensure greater results. We should pay close attention to the construction of beautiful villages, which is the largest livelihood project benefiting tens of millions of farmers, adhere to adjusting measures to local conditions, giving priority to planning, fully respect the wishes of farmers, and strive to build beautiful villages with one village, one scenery and each charm. We should continue to do a good job in environmental improvement with the three lines and three edges as a breakthrough, combine it with the creation of urban and rural civilization, and with the ten million mu forest growth project, maintain resilience, maintain strength, and make further progress, so as to make the sky bluer, the water cleaner, the air cleaner, and the people's life better in the Yangtze Huaihe River. Anhui

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