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According to the instructions of panyue, deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration, on October 20, he went to leting County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province to investigate and visit the pollution problems of Zhang's group paper mill reported by the masses

the river channel turns into a sewage ditch, which the enterprise claims is only an occasional phenomenon.

it is understood that Zhang's Paper Co., Ltd., jointly reported by five village committees, including qianlantuo village, houlantuo village, zhuzhuangzi village, Xiaoheyan village and Dongxinzhuang village, is located in the north of zhengjiaqiao village, Guhe Township, leting County, Hebei Province, at the southwest corner of the intersection of Huang Qin Expressway and the old Luanhe River

in the south of the plant, passing through a harvested crop field, we found the old paper mill drainage ditch of Luanhe River, which was reported by the masses. There was black and smelly sewage in the river, and weeds and one person tall reeds were also bred in some rivers. A villager who was standing in the sewage to harvest reeds said that the river had been cut off long ago, and there was no incoming water. The water in the river was all paper mill sewage. Walking into the factory along the river, you can see the white steam coming out of the workshop and hear the rumbling sound of machines when you set up the system from a distance

the sewage treatment facilities are built at the southeast side of the production area crossing the old river channel and connected to the workshop through two pipelines. According to litaishan, director of the pulping workshop of Zhangshi Paper Co., Ltd., one is the drainage pipe leading to the sewage treatment plant, which leads the sewage to the sewage treatment plant on the other bank of the river for treatment; The other is a water return pipe. All the treated water is returned to the workshop for reuse. It can be seen that the sewage treatment facilities are in operation, but there are traces of a large amount of sewage overflow outside the cement pool of the oxidation ditch. The large open space used to be the stock yard is full of sewage. Litaishan explained that when the sewage treatment facilities failed, enterprises did discharge sewage into the river, but that was only an occasional phenomenon

after 13 years of litigation, the pollution has become more and more serious. The well water 150 meters deep still has a strange smell

walked all the way south along the river. It was found that there was black and smelly sewage in the river from Zhang's Paper Co., Ltd. to 23 kilometers downstream, and sewage ponds were formed in some wide sections of the river

then I came to zhuzhuangzi village, which is located at the downstream of Zhang's paper industry Co., Ltd. the villagers who are drying hay at the edge of the village complained that the well water in the field has gone bad, and the water pumped out is red like shrimp oil. When the villagers go to the fields to cultivate, they must bring water from their homes

wangyujiang, Secretary of Dongxinzhuang village branch, introduced that the village has 780 mu of irrigated land, and all the existing 18 wells have been polluted to varying degrees. The water pumped from the 150 meter deep irrigation wells is reddish brown, and there are some strange smells. They have repeatedly asked relevant units to monitor and analyze the well water. The chromaticity exceeded the standard several times to nearly 100 times, and the permanganate index also exceeded the standard dozens of times. Every household in the village used to use water pressure wells, but now they can't use them. Four years ago, 130000 yuan was invested to drill a 280 meter deep well, which solved the problem of draught of people and animals in the village

di Lianyi, an old Party member in his 80s, retired and returned to Dongxinzhuang village. When he saw it, the old man sobbed and said that he hadn't expected to be like this after 13 years. When the paper mill was built in 1993, the villagers began to file a lawsuit in 1994, from county to city to province. It has been reflected that the pollution is getting heavier and heavier

it is understood that the water quality of irrigation wells in qianlantuo village and houlantuo village is also polluted to varying degrees. Licongyuan, former director of lantuo village committee, said that problems in 30 wells in their village were the key to control and guide their biological reactions and avoid allogeneic reactions, and the irrigation of more than 300 mu of cultivated land was directly affected. Rongfenghui, director of houlantuo village committee, confirmed that the water from 35 motor wells in the village was brown in different depths, and the closer it was to the old Luan River, the heavier the color. It is estimated that if hundreds of mechanical wells in 5 villages downstream of the paper mill are closed and scrapped, the direct economic loss will reach more than 3million yuan. Wangyujiang said that over the years, they have repeatedly found the county and enterprises to demand compensation for the pollution caused. However, Zhang's Paper Co., Ltd. only paid for drilling deep wells in zhengjiaqiao village where the plant site is located, and the compensation of other surrounding villages should always be ignored. According to the investigation, Zhang's paper industry Co., Ltd., formerly a county run state-owned enterprise, began to make paper with raw straw pulp. After repeated shutdown and rectification, the price was relatively high. It was restructured into Zhang's paper industry Co., Ltd. with an annual production capacity of 24000 tons of clinker paper. In 2004, Zhang's paper industry Co., Ltd. was listed as one of the top ten environmental violations in Tangshan city due to its unauthorized change of the opaque pulp process of the clinker paper principle and excessive sewage discharge; In may2007, Zhang's Paper Co., Ltd. was ordered by leting County Environmental Protection Bureau to rectify within a time limit due to sewage overflow; In October2007, Hebei Provincial Environmental Supervision Bureau also issued the disposal opinions of ordering the production to be stopped, improving the pollution control facilities, and resuming the production after being accepted by the environmental protection department. But up to now, Zhang's paper industry Co., Ltd. still continues to produce, but the local environmental protection department is unaware of this

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