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Chambro aims at DCI technology to create "new growth" opportunities

ramirahim, CEO of chambro, told financial analysts that for DCI technology, chambro also plans to build products for the Metro Ethernet market to create new growth opportunities.

rahim said: constitute this market (DCI and Metro Ethernet) The growth of network traffic is forcing me to timely adjust our customers to consider new architecture methods

before Rahim commented, the company had just lowered its revenue forecast for the first quarter, down 11% from the same period last year. Zhanboluo had previously predicted a decline of 7% to 10%. This updated forecast was lower than analysts' expectations. In the course of the experiment, the company's share price fell by nearly 13%

zhanboluo executives said that the revised expectations were not specific to specific product lines or geographical regions. Rahim said that the fluctuations in the global market made consumers unbalanced

about Bti acquisition

zhanboluo believes that its acquisition of Bti systems (optical fiber network hardware and software manufacturers) will help the company share in the expected growth of Metro Ethernet and DCI markets. Rahim said that by combining Bti products with zhanboluo's data center switching and IP routing platform, it will provide our customers with an open software driven solution that is highly programmable, cost-effective and provides great service flexibility. Dr. Joshua Martin explained that "we are following the guidance of nature"

Metro Ethernet refers to the use of the operator's metro network to connect the enterprise's local area to the wide area or interconnection. DCI is a technology used to connect enterprise data centers to cloud service providers. This technology also has a service choreography part to manage interconnection services. According to ovum research, the global revenue of DCI equipment is expected to increase from US $2.5 billion in 2014 to US $4.2 billion in 2019

in December, Zhanbo network launched the line card module to improve the overall performance of its MX series 3D general edge routing hardware. Rahim called it a hot product of metro network. These line cards are expected to be shipped this year, with a throughput of 1.6tb per second

juniper network's competitors in the optical fiber network market include Cisco and Alcatel lucent

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