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Zhanboluo upgraded the MX series to achieve three times the performance improvement

zhanboluo's flagship routing platform has been deployed in 92% of the world's top service providers and more than half of the world's top ten enterprise brands

ctiforum on December 16 (Liwenjie): junipernetworks, the leader of the innovation industry, recently announced that, The performance, density and operation efficiency of MX series 3D general edge router series that can be deployed in SDN (Software Defined Network) under the company have been greatly improved. The upgrading of new hardware and software will triple the previous traffic and realize network automation. With these functions, the zhanboluo MX series, the best performing edge router in the industry, will provide excellent expansion and automation performance to help service providers and cloud operators further improve economic benefits for the next generation network architecture

consumers and enterprises are in urgent need of high-definition video, cloud services and constant collaboration tools. These demands force network operators to further strengthen infrastructure construction and add advanced functions while trying to maintain profit margins. On the other hand, large enterprises are building increasingly mature networks to deploy hybrid clouds and flexible wide areas, so as to take advantage of the competitive advantages brought by it development. In order to gain a foothold in today's highly competitive market, customers have realized that simply expanding capacity is no longer helpful. They also need to adopt new tools to achieve greater automation of human tasks, stimulate innovation, and improve network programmability to improve operation and service speed

the upgrade of the zhanboluo MX series is an important milestone in the nine-year evolution history of the MX series. Since its inception in 2006, the MX series has launched a number of routing innovation technologies, including the mx2020, the industry's largest edge router, which was born in 2012, and the first full-function commercial virtual router, VMX, which was launched in 2014. Up to now, zhanboluo has achieved the performance of selling one MX Series Router per hour. Today, more than 90% of the 50 largest telecom companies deploy MX series routers for their networks. With today's hardware and software upgrades, we believe these companies will continue to meet the needs of their customers for many years to come

mx series is supported by programmable trio chip and zhanboluo JUNOS software, which effectively protects customer investment, provides a network application development platform, and can be seamlessly integrated into the evolving SDN and nfv (network function virtualization) solutions


zhanboluo launched the following technical improvements of MX series and continued to develop industry standards in performance, capacity and automation:

new MX series line cards: new mpc7, mpc8 and mpc9 line cards, all based on programmable trio chips, provide high-density network connectivity, unparalleled bandwidth, and user and service scale. Mpc9 can be used in 400gbe networks to provide industry-leading 1.6tbps traffic, so that one mx2020 can be upgraded to 32tbps traffic, which is enough to carry 2million 4K videos at the same time. In addition, the new mpc7 delivers twice the performance and density of all current mx240, mx480, and mx960 routers, providing customers with unprecedented investment protection

juniper extension tool (jet) adopts open application programming interface (API) to give new automation functions to JUNOS software at operator level. Jet provides programming interfaces for developing highly customized third-party applications, such as configuration functions and self-healing functions. These applications can be installed in mx2010 or mx2020 to seamlessly interact with the network layer. Jet is not limited to MX series, but can also be used for all juniper platforms running JUNOS software. In addition, jet also supports the vendor independent standardized configuration and management function openconfig, provides customizable Yang data model, and enables flexible vendor integration

junos telemetry interface: the industry's first network platform high-frequency telemetry export function, which is used to optimize network performance and defect management. JUNOS telemetry interface can synchronize the operation status with the external controller to complete sdn/nfv migration. The interface has advanced analysis functions and real-time data related functions, which can provide large-scale real-time reports. These functions benefit from the advanced technology provided by sevone and other companies, which is a leading global provider of digital infrastructure management solutions. Mpc7, mpc8 and mpc9 line cards, juniper extension tool supporting openconfig and JUNOS telemetry interface will be available in the first half of 2016

supporting comments

customers rely on axians to create innovative network solutions to improve their business and occupy a competitive advantage. To achieve this, we recommend using MX series 3D universal edge routers provided by Zhanbo network. We have successfully deployed this product in the customer network. The popularity of MX series is largely due to the continuous technical improvement in scale, performance and reliability. With these improvements, we are able to support innovative service applications and deploy them to customer networks

- davidmilar, service director of axians company

as a trusted network expert, we are committed to building infrastructure solutions for service providers to provide the highest commercial value, and the MX series has always been the most important weapon in our arsenal for many years. The business focus of enfopoint is to design, implement and maintain a high availability infrastructure for mission critical networks, so we have little room for error. MX products have excellent technical status, precision performance, capacity and advanced feature set to confirm the electronic tensile testing machine according to the difference of comparison value, helping us build an excellent network and provide reliable performance for customers year after year. We have been adding MX to our product line for many years. During this period, I have never apologized to customers for selling MX

- tomspear, CEO of enfopoint

as a long-term customer of Zhanbo security and switching products, we pay close attention to the continuous innovation of MX series routers as a supplement to the company's end-to-end network strategy. Through self-organized interoperability tests, expedient has proved that this platform can provide necessary features, performance and scalability, and meet the requirements of the company's network growth trajectory. In addition, the API function of JUNOS extension tool can also provide support for us to realize the vision of integrated network service automation, and help some traction machine drive systems in the current market adopt reducers to help us meet the requirements of data centers and cloud customers for continuous development in the future

- it can make runners feel infinite vitality danpregman, director of network planning and architecture of expedient company

the ability to quickly provide innovative and high-quality services is one of our advantages in the competitive market. MX series has service flexibility and advanced automation features, which have accumulated momentum for our unique strategy to expand cloud services to multi-national customers, expand network connectivity to multiple locations and all cloud applications around the world, realize the core values of simplicity, speed and flexibility, and provide excellent customer experience

- bobburris, senior vice president of global engineering and operation of GTT company

for many years, we have been using MX series 3D general edge router and JUNOS software. The continuous upgrading of these products in terms of specification, performance and reliability will not only help us meet today's requirements, but also help us effectively meet the increasing customer needs in the next few years without affecting the operating environment

- junichishimagami, director and chief technology officer of internetinitiativejapaninc, has gradually encouraged the acceptance of waste foamed plastics

in the past few years, earth shaking changes have taken place in the network industry. People have obtained the ability to efficiently equip infrastructure and manage networks through software and automation. This ability, combined with real-time analysis and network data insight, enables us to make informed decisions that affect the end-user experience with comprehensive information. Network has also become a powerful platform to help drive the business decision-making process. As a global management data center service provider, network is the core of our business. We need the combination of network performance and intelligence. Zhanbo meets our requirements. The MX performance improvements and new JUNOS automation functions announced today directly meet the needs of servercentral. We look forward to continuing our long-term cooperation with chambroad

- alexlatzko, chief network engineer of servercentral

as a market leader, the demand for users, services and bandwidth in our network is increasing substantially every year and will continue to increase at a faster rate in the future. Many years ago, we chose MX series as our edge router. For us, scale and performance are as important today as they were then. The MX series keeps pace with our business growth. The outstanding scale and future oriented design of MX series give us confidence that MX series will continue to evolve with the continuous evolution of our business needs in the future

- ovetien, IP engineering manager of telenorway company

in order to provide excellent value to customers, we must maintain advanced networks and keep costs to a minimum. MX series helps us achieve these goals and achieve the excellent service that customers expect. The service scale and flexibility of MX series help us integrate services and functions (such as edge routing and core routing) into a unified platform to achieve the above goals. These features improve our capital and operational efficiency and realize the practical savings that can be transferred to customers

- jideakintola, network engineering and design director of tmxatrium company

we adopted MX series as our edge router many years ago. We are very pleased that zhanboluo is constantly developing and evolving the platform to meet our current and future business and market needs. MX series enables us to provide the innovative services our customers need according to the scale of our business needs

- nasrudinabdshukor, ICT director of universitmalaysiaperlis, Malaysia

if customers require solutions with long-term investment protection features, I will immediately think of chambroad's MX series. From wireless providers to government entities - as a national distributor of high-quality network solutions for the telecommunications industry, we work with all types of customers for whom product performance and future capabilities are critical. Whether it is a new network or a supplement to the implemented products, MX series can provide our customers with the best combination of performance and investment protection, and provide strong support for customers' networks today and in the future

- jerryjones, walkerandassociates field system engineer

we believe that the new generation of high-capacity core routers and edge routers will play an important role in the process of sdn-nfv transformation by various service providers. In the process of switching to sdn and nfv based networks, service providers have used juniper's SDN MX series as physical and virtual routers for existing networks. In the third quarter of 2015, chambroad ranked second in the global market share of service provider routers, which has confirmed the important position of these routers

- michaelhoward, senior research director of ihsinfonetics

since its launch in 2006, MX series has continuously broken Moore's law. This shows us that this is a good platform. As the flagship edge routing platform of zhanboluo, MX series is a market leader in functional availability, use case support, performance, reliability and scale. Now, with

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