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Zhanboluo launched the decomposed version of JUNOS software, improved network automation

new access switches and software deployment models to provide flexibility for data center customers

ctiforum news on November 5 (Liwenjie): zhanboluo, the industry leader of network innovation, announced the decomposed version of JUNOS software at nxtwork 2015 customer Summit on November 3, providing customers with the best choice in data center deployment. By decomposing JUNOS software, customers will be able to directly deploy third-party network services and applications on the Zhanbo network platform, and can directly program the Zhanbo network system using the supported open computing project (OCP) definition software model

zhanboluo also launched zhanboluo qfx5200 series access switches, which is the first platform capable of running JUNOS decomposition software and supporting emerging 25 and 50 Gigabit Ethernet (GBE) standards. When the two are used together, switches and software will provide industry-leading network automation and programmability, and customers will be able to purchase hardware separately according to the software license model of pay as you go

in addition, zhanboluo today specifically pointed out that zhanboluo metafabric? Architecture and the rapid implementation of zhanboluo contract software definition network (SDN) technology in leading converged and hyper converged stack solutions, thus helping customers simplify and expand their data center and cloud infrastructure while ensuring long-term investment protection

as people continue to look for better ways to collaborate and connect, the purpose of networking has changed. This change, coupled with the improvement of network traffic level and the continuous growth of virtualization applications, containers and workloads, has increased the pressure on IT departments. They need to provide more services at a lower cost, faster, and immediately scale in, out, up, and down

in order to keep up with the speed of business development, the data center needs to support a flexible infrastructure focusing on virtualization, automation, converged systems, software defined products and cloud technologies. According to the data from Gartner consulting, in order to build an agile infrastructure, infrastructure and operation organizations have to rethink infrastructure strategy, focusing on integrated systems, cloud and virtualization. This means using a network scale approach, using containers and work to build a software definition infrastructure


the expansion of zhanboluo metafabric architecture, together with the newly launched 25/50gbe access switch, JUNOS software decomposition version and fusion stack products verified by partners, provides customers with a simple and intelligent way to realize cloud evolution and automation without any risk of supplier lock-in

junos software decomposition version can realize server like functions with the most complete network service suite

with JUNOS software decomposition version, customers will be able to directly develop and install third-party applications on the supported Zhanbo network switching system for the first time, and run the decomposition JUNOS software on the third-party switch compatible with the open network installation environment (onie)

by adopting the open platform method that this wood-based panel experimental machine is also applicable to the detection of other materials, zhanboluo provides open access to Linux so that customers can freely configure third-party applications using openstack, Apache, NETCONF or other tools. This new level of network service modularity can easily integrate customer applications, software defined network controllers and configuration tools

with the support of MPLS, BGP, evpn-vxlan and the industry's most powerful l2/l3 feature set, zhanboluo provides customers with the option to design, architecture and automate the ideal coverage network with the best underlying infrastructure

qfx5200's new pricing model enables customers to purchase JUNOS software and qfx5200 hardware platform at the same time or separately

qfx5200 switch improves bandwidth performance by supporting 25/50gbe Ethernet standard

the next generation qfx5200 access switch with multi speed function from 10GbE to 100gbe enables customers to migrate to higher port speeds and support 25gbe/50gbe without expensive upgrade. With 25gbe, customers can achieve 2.5 times higher performance than 10GbE using their existing cabling infrastructure


qfx5200 switch supports the decomposed version of JUNOS software, integrating high-performance switching with the flexibility, power and functions of the quad core server CPU

by using JUNOS space network director for management, customers can control the entire enterprise network with a single virtual management platform. In addition, with Zhanbo network's network director management pack for VMware vrealize operations and its interoperability with VMware vCenter server, users can clearly understand the health, capacity and performance of the enterprise network infrastructure, which further simplifies the control and management of physical and virtual networks

metafabric and contract solutions have been adopted by leading fusion and hyper fusion stack solutions across industries.

zhanboluo's proven metafabric and contract solutions have been selected by industry-leading fusion stack platforms, providing customers with an open, plug and play infrastructure that can rapidly deploy data centers and cloud networks

through collaboration with key partners, zhanboluo is helping customers simplify their data center infrastructure, providing customers with a proven reference architecture to ensure technical interoperability, deployment convenience and joint support services

chambro solutions are being integrated into multiple industry-leading fusion stack solutions by global partners, including ATOS, fusionstorm, Intercloud systems, intervision, itqan, redapt, technica and virtualarmor

at nxtwork 2015, zhanboluo also launched cloud CPE, a fully automated, end-to-end networking function virtualization solution based on an open framework, which aims to help customers provide new services in a scalable manner. Cloud CPE includes contract service orchestration, a comprehensive management and provisioning platform designed to deliver and manage virtualized network services. In addition, cloud CPE also includes nfx250, which is the first product of a series of network service platforms. It can operate as a safe device in the business premises, and simultaneously run multiple virtual network functions from Zhanbo network and third parties

supporting comments

the open network market using bare metal switching provides customers with independence in selecting switch operating system and application, and removes the locking risk. ④ the internal friction damping of rubber spring is much larger than that of metal spring, and its market share is expected to account for more than 25% of the total shipment of Ethernet switch ports in the data center in 2019. This will trigger changes and stimulate innovation in the data center network, bringing about changes similar to those in the server market. Zhanbo network has decided to enter this market with JUNOS and the new qfx5200 series' strong decomposition strategy, which provides an important choice for enterprise customers and locks Zhanbo's target customers in the rapidly growing cloud service providers

-- Dr. Clifford grossner, research director of his data center, cloud and software definition network

hosting creates and runs high-performance cloud for business critical applications. We focus on high-quality infrastructure, talent and processes to stand out from the competition. We have been using zhanboluo products in the data center for a long time, so as to provide our customers with the best networking solutions. The new product announced today is a powerful supplement to zhanboluo's simple, open and intelligent metafabric architecture

-- Darrell Hyde, chief technology officer of hosting

in order to support our innovative bare metal cloud and private cloud services, packet needs a network infrastructure that can integrate high performance and cloud agility. Zhanboluo's metafabric architecture based on qfx and ex series has met this demand of packet, and the new products announced today will only further enhance zhanboluo's already innovative data center network product portfolio

-- Zachary Smith, CEO of packet

today's enterprises need to keep up with the pace of business development, and their IT departments cannot fall behind, otherwise productivity and profitability will be greatly reduced. Atos' digital data center solutions include technologies from zhanboluo, providing customers with the agility they need to drive business growth and maintain competitive advantage, while reducing the risks typically involved in deploying new infrastructure solutions. With pre validated integration stack solutions, customers can focus on business priorities rather than monotonous operational processes

-- WIM LOS, senior vice president of ATOS technology transformation service

for enterprises that need to build a geographically dispersed footprint with a simple and unified architecture, it will be crucial to rapidly expand the IT environment with almost no restrictions. To this end, enterprises must be able to use cost-effective software and hardware based on open source technology to build an IT infrastructure in an infinitely scalable model. We use Dell servers and storage, juniper qfx5100 switches and opencontract to build infinistack solutions, which can accelerate the development and production deployment of software definition networks and help enterprise customers who want to take advantage of the cloud

-- Jim Glueck, vice president of core technology of fusionstorm pre sales and professional services

dpod's super fusion method enables users to experience all the benefits of the public cloud without risk, and the price is much lower than that of the public cloud provider. With zhanboluo contract networking, we have created a truly open solution that provides the scale, security and performance our customers expect. DPOD is a real cloud in a box that can integrate everything, including a complete multi vendor professional service experience

-- Frank jadevaia, President of Intercloud systems

it organizations are facing increasing pressure. They not only need to provide applications according to the speed of business development, but also control users and costs. Although cloud services have changed the way it services are delivered, cloud deployment is still extremely complex. With Zhanbo network stack, intervision has created a reference architecture and service delivery model, which can use the best components in the industry to remove the obstacles involved in deploying flexible private cloud

-- Jason gress, President and co-founder of intervision

today's data centers need an agile network that can not only provide linear performance, high availability, scalability and 100% uptime, but also be compatible with the cloud architecture for configuration and management convenience. In itqan, we used a series of Zhanbo network solutions in the convergence stack solution, including virtual chassis fabric, JUNOS space, vsrx virtual firewall and MX series routers, to cope with the most challenging task in the cloud environment - integrating virtual network components, physical network components and their central management into a single component

-- bassemmoustafa, technical director of itqan

redapt, together with mirantis, designed an architecture that includes Dell systems and storage, chambro qfx and ex switches, and mirantis' fuel and openstack distribution, which enables us to provide the service that customers have been asking for for for years: realizing the flexibility of openstack through a turnkey solution

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