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Zhangguobao: the installed capacity of China's nuclear power will reach 60million kW in 2020. Will the price of domestic refined oil rise? When will the fuel tax be introduced? How is China's strategic oil reserve progressing? What is China's nuclear power development strategy? During the two sessions, the Xinhua news agency had an exclusive interview with zhangguobao, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission

resource price reform: obey the overall macroeconomic situation and grasp the timing rhythm

many people still remember the shortage of refined oil supply experienced in some regions of China last year, and the rising coal price has once again brought the coal power dispute that has been "entangled" for many years to the public view. The root cause is that the price of refined oil controlled by the government is "upside down" with the price of crude oil in line with international standards, and "planned electricity" is difficult to transmit the price rise signal of "market coal" to the downstream. At present, the risk of inflation is increasing. Can the resource price reform be carried out? How to rationalize resource prices? It has become a hot spot of widespread concern

zhangguobao pointed out that rationalizing resource prices and making prices play a leverage role in the market mechanism is conducive to guiding resources to re analyze data curves; Rational consumption represents the long-term direction and trend. However, with the increasing inflationary pressure in China, the introduction of resource price reform must be subject to the overall situation of macroeconomic development. Taking into account the affordability of all levels of society, we should choose the time, grasp the rhythm and steadily advance

he admitted that how to integrate prices and how to grasp the timing, pace and steps is a "very complex problem", and it is difficult to set a time or goal in advance. "The general principle is not to have too much impact on China's economic operation. Within the range that the whole society and the people can bear, we should find ways that are suitable for China's national conditions and have less impact on all aspects. We believe that China's macro-control system can grasp the relationship between resource price reform and macroeconomic operation." Zhangguobao said

fuel tax: This is not a good time to levy it.

the fuel tax, which substitutes tax for fee, has been put forward for many years, but it has not been introduced yet. When will the fuel tax be levied? Zhangguobao said that there are many factors pushing up prices at present, which is not a good time to introduce fuel tax

zhangguobao said that the introduction of fuel tax can effectively curb the excessive consumption of oil products, simplify and standardize the charging process, which is a common practice in the world. However, the current introduction of fuel tax is facing the pressure of rising international oil prices and rapid domestic price rises. If fuel tax is imposed, it may be difficult for individual consumers to accept it; Public transport, railway, aviation and other departments, vulnerable industries such as agriculture and fishery, and special industries such as national defense have poor bearing capacity. How to subsidize them is also very complicated

in addition, he said that after the implementation of fuel tax, how to adjust road tolls and how to repay the principal and interest for road construction loans also need careful design

national strategic oil reserve: the completed oil injection cost is cost-effective. Zhangguobao said that among the four strategic oil reserve bases planned for phase I in China due to the small clinical sample size, the oil reserve bases in Zhenhai and Zhoushan, Zhejiang have been completed and put into operation, and the two reserve bases in Huangdao and Dalian are also close to being put into operation

he said that China's strategic oil reserve base should seize the opportunity to gradually increase its reserves according to the international oil price, so as to avoid affecting the testing methods of ceramic mechanical properties at the international oil price. From the current situation of oil injection, it is economical and the timing is appropriate

the relevant person in charge of the development and Reform Commission said publicly that by 2010, China will build a strategic oil reserve equivalent to 30 days' import volume. Zhangguobao said that the phase II strategic oil reserve base is currently under planning

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