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Zhan Chunxin: it is better to subvert oneself than to be subverted by the market Zhan Chunxin: it is better to subvert oneself than to be subverted by the market China Construction Machinery Information Zoomlion has cooperated with Hony for many times over the past 12 years and has written a good saying of partnership and sincerity. After a few years of rapid progress, the entire construction machinery industry is facing both growth pressure and opportunities for transformation and upgrading. In 2008, it seems that we can't see these crises today, but Zhan Chunxin keenly captured the crisis signals in the distance in the cheers and began to lay out the future early. He returned to Hony forum again to share Zoomlion's transformation strategy

zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, made a speech at the Hony forum

the following is Mr. Zhan's sharing at the Hony forum

distinguished guests:

Zoomlion, as a long-term partner of Hony investment, almost attends the annual meeting every year and has a lot of harvest every year. It is also a great honor to attend this annual meeting

president Zhao recently assigned me a topic in Beijing, that is, the topic of "transformation", so I talked about transformation with President an, which is a common problem faced by Chinese enterprises. Under this common problem, there are actually different logics, that is, the path of enterprise transformation may have different choices

from the perspective of the general trend, the traditional enterprise touch and capital operation should be the tuyere just mentioned, that is, the tuyere for the current transformation of traditional enterprises. It is a change that an enterprise has changed from only facing the product market to facing the product and capital markets. It has changed from the original single traditional product manufacturing to connecting the Internet and capital, and has changed into a production service-oriented organization

therefore, we should not only adapt to this trend, but also think calmly

arming enterprises with Internet and capital does not necessarily lead to inevitable success, but to more obvious differentiation. Some of them are going smoothly and their performance is growing rapidly, while some are in constant trouble and even die faster. Therefore, in the face of the trend, only by holding the root and not forgetting the original intention can we smoothly transform

zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, made a speech at the Hony forum

according to the practice of Zoomlion's transformation, we have refined that our transformation is not only to be + connected, but also to be + our own ability, not only to be + capital, but also to be + our own transformation

I would like to report my two experiences to you.

the first is + interconnection, but also + self ability

the essence of traditional enterprises, especially equipment manufacturing enterprises, lies in the product itself. Developing and manufacturing stable, reliable, green, intelligent and human products is the fundamental ability of equipment manufacturing enterprises. This ability should not be weakened in the era of Internet + but should be strengthened. The reason lies in the promotion effect of Internet on equipment manufacturing enterprises, which is mainly reflected in two aspects: the improvement of product intelligence and the change of business model. In fact, the core of intelligent products is to have advanced embedded systems, which is what we call sensors. Only by integrating Internet sensing, interaction and control technologies can we realize the automation, informatization and intelligence of products. The business model is that high molecular alloy is a composite system composed of two or more high molecular materials. The change from manufacturing to manufacturing + service requires the collection, analysis and application of big data to provide customers with high-end value-added services such as finance and post market. The role of these two aspects largely depends on the bearing capacity, undertaking capacity and innovation capacity of enterprises

we can't imagine that an enterprise still in the period of industry 1.0 and 2.0 has the ability to graft the technology of industry 4.0. The effect of interconnection + depends on the enterprise's own technological innovation ability. If the enterprise's fundamental ability does not grow, how can it ensure that it can take off at the outlet of interconnection + and improve its competitiveness after Interconnection? Mr. Zhao introduced in the morning that Zoomlion was originally an enterprise run by a research institute that only studied engineering machinery. In the past, it was an enterprise that only did engineering machinery manufacturing. Moreover, the belt on the force measuring piston fell off or was too loose (so that the piston could not run at a constant speed) after more than 20 years of high-speed development, the performance did not meet the requirements. In the previous 20 years, our average annual development speed was about more than 60%. With the ceiling of the industry market coming from the new normal of economy, the whole industry has entered an unprecedented low and continued to decline. Today, it has not improved, but continues to decline

we have this understanding that it is better to subvert ourselves than to be subverted by the market. It is a fundamental task for us to improve our own capabilities, upgrade our products intelligently and innovate our business models. We need to complete the transformation and upgrading of "equipment manufacturing + interconnection" and "products + services". We have a saying that "products are on the cloud, data are on the cloud, and services are on the palm". How to understand? Our products should be connected to IOT and Internet. Now we can basically know the start time, whether it has started or not, and whether some initial failures will occur. We integrate intelligent products and IOT technology to realize the interconnection and remote interaction of people and equipment; Using data and cloud computing to realize data sharing and data driving; Integrate customer service and mobile Internet technology to achieve real-time service, advanced service and ultimate service. Taking the remote monitoring service of Zoomlion as an example, we can carry out real-time detection on the commencement time, operation track, operation status and performance status of the equipment. We report the total commencement time of our equipment to the relevant office of the State Council every half a month, so that the state can control the overall commencement situation in the process of infrastructure investment

the second question I want to share with you is that capital is more important than self-improvement

under the strategic background of manufacturing power, China's economy can not be upgraded without the role of capital. The transformation of traditional enterprises needs the support of capital. The development of industries often has a strong inertia and inertia, and capital often has a keen nature of pursuing profits. Capital can let you discover the blue ocean, guide you, inspire you, expand you and lose you. The importance of entrepreneurs is that they should not only attract capital to the industry, but also activate the industry with capital. They should not only maintain the independence of industrial development, but also use the innovative power contained in capital to promote enterprise reform. Transformation should be accompanied by capital and reform

Zoomlion was the first beneficiary of the capital market, and made use of the power of capital to realize the reform of the system. Twenty three years ago, I came out of a national scientific research institute with the dream of serving the country through industry. In the process of industrial development, gradually realize the power of the capital market. Since entering the capital market, the scale has increased from 200 to 300 million to nearly 200 times. At the same time, the power of capital also promotes the institutional reform of enterprises. The most important step is that president Zhao enters Zoomlion and invests in Zoomlion. As an investor, Zoomlion has realized the diversification of equity and standardized governance, and is listed as a sample of mixed ownership reform by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. From a public institution and a high-level scientific research institute, it has finally become a fully market-oriented enterprise

Zoomlion is also a participant in the combination of industry and finance. It is both industry and finance, which is the deepening of our reform and innovation, reform and transformation. In order to keep the fundamentals, we have formed a plate integrating industry and finance. Zoomlion has formulated the "2+2+4" strategy during the transformation. The so-called "2+2+4" is to promote the integration of manufacturing and interconnection, industry and Finance Based on the two markets of products and capital, and to strengthen the four sectors of engineering machinery, environmental industry, agricultural machinery and financial services, so as to create an International, high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise

after two years of adjustment, Zoomlion's transformation should have achieved initial results. From a simple engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise, it is now transformed into a diversified equipment manufacturing enterprise, that is, our agricultural machinery is diversified, and then the environmental industry, mainly in terms of equipment. At present, construction machinery used to be almost 100%, now accounts for 60%, and the other three sectors account for 40%. In the future, the proportion of construction machinery will further decline. In the transformation of traditional enterprises, we realize that whether it is "Internet" or "capital", we can not be separated from our own ability improvement and our own reform power

the Internet is a highway, and the enterprise is a car. Whether the car runs fast or not depends on its own performance; Capital is a new engine. Whether the enterprise's own drive system can match it and whether it can open new space with a new engine ultimately depends on the enterprise's own determination and ability to change

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