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Zhangchangfu: the profit of the steel industry is expected to reach 30billion this year, so it needs to be transformed. Zhangchangfu: the profit of the steel industry is expected to reach 30billion this year, so it needs to be transformed. Zhangchangfu, Secretary General of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, said that the steel market is obviously oversupplied, the iron and steel production capacity is serious, and the iron ore enters the buyer's market, and the profitability of the whole industry may be slightly improved, Compared with traditional similar products, the annual profit of the iron and steel industry may reach about 30billion yuan, but the profit margin of the industry is still at a low level

zhangchangfu said that the steel production of the whole industry is expected to be 810million tons this year, an increase of 1.67% compared with last year. Considering that the inventory will be greatly reduced in the next month and the domestic physical consumption will increase slightly this year, considering that the export volume will increase significantly this year and the price will not stop falling, the situation of market supply exceeding demand and overcapacity is very obvious

previously, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced three batches of enterprises that comply with the steel production policy. According to the data, the domestic crude steel production capacity was close to 1.2 billion tons by the end of 2013. "Resolving overcapacity will still be a long-term and arduous task for us." Zhangchangfu said that China's steel industry accounts for half of the world, is the largest consumer market, and is also a large scale and heavy steel production base

he also pointed out that this year, the expansion of steel production capacity has begun to cool down. In the past, the way out of scale expansion has been impossible. Moreover, the investment structure has been greatly improved, mainly focusing on mining, environmental protection and deep processing of steel products

in addition, the differentiation of the steel industry is also intensifying. Zhangchangfu said that due to the influence of many factors, such as the slowing down of steel demand, low industrial concentration and so on, the steel index has always been lower than 100 points in each month since this year, and the steel industry is still at the bottom of the national industry and industry rankings for the reason that PLA materials can be printed and formed by FDM. Data show that at present, the average asset liability ratio of member enterprises of CISA is as high as 72%, and the total amount of bank loans exceeds 1.3 trillion yuan

zhangchangfu said that under the new normal, the downstream steel industry will accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and the steel industry still has huge development space and market. The new normal is both a new challenge and a new opportunity for the steel industry. It can be predicted that the total demand for steel products will continue to remain basically stable in 2015, and the fluctuation range will not exceed 3%. On a stable basis 10. Power supply of temperature control system: AC380V, 4.5 can be replaced with one sealing gasket. KW may or may not be increased by about 1% to 3%

secondly, zhangchangfu also revealed that relevant national policies will be introduced one after another. In order to create fair competition in the market, the state will promote fiscal, tax and financial reforms, and the new environmental protection law and new environmental protection standards, which will greatly promote and intensify the inhibition of the release of production capacity in the iron and steel industry and the elimination of some backward production capacity. Zhangchangfu said that China's iron and steel industry should be transformed from a weight type to a quality type

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