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Zhangjianguo: Zoomlion's powerful division leads the world to the top five

zhangjianguo: Zoomlion's powerful division leads the world to the top five

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Guide: China cement interviewed zhangjianguo, senior president of Zoomlion, outlining the road map of the company's rapid expansion: it acquired relevant domestic companies, extended mergers and acquisitions to foreign countries, took an inclusive approach to control, and achieved win-win results, Embark on the international stage, sprint into a world-class enterprise, and look forward to the next decade

in an exclusive interview with zhangjianguo, senior president of Zoomlion, China cement outlined the road map of the company's rapid expansion: it acquired relevant domestic companies, continued mergers and acquisitions abroad, took an inclusive approach to holding shares, achieved win-win results, embarked on the international stage, rushed to the world-class enterprises, and looked forward to the next decade, Zoomlion would be able to produce its own "Komatsu" and "Caterpillar", ranking among the top five in the world in terms of total volume

Zoomlion "became" the global leader in concrete machinery manufacturing

18 years ago, it took its own steady steps from the loan of 500000 yuan

18 years later, it landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and its output value exceeded 50billion yuan

it is the main force in building the Olympic project and the leader in sharing the construction of high-speed rail

its concrete machinery products frequently appear in major construction sites

it is the first large mechanical rescue team in China to reach Wenchuan and Yushu earthquake stricken areas

it is Changsha Zoomlion Heavy Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd., a fast-growing technology-based listed company

recently, China cement interviewed zhangjianguo, the company's senior president, and outlined a road map for Zoomlion's rapid expansion

development history: nine words interpret the attention of the public

when entering Changsha Zoomlion Lugu Industrial Park, the eye-catching Zoomlion English logo shows the calm and atmosphere of Zoomlion. Walking towards the office building, the sound of mechanical operation in the factory was heard from time to time. The staff introduced to them that Zoomlion had created its own new era under the guidance of the core enterprise concept of "sincere, profound and long-term"

"honesty is the foundation, ceaselessness is the body, daily innovation is the way; extensive solicitation of things, great virtue is the carrier, and long-term success" -- after reviewing these 24 words, in the subsequent exclusive interview with Zhang Jianguo, he first raised such a question. What hardships and glories has Zoomlion gone through in the past 18 years? President Zhang's answer is simple and simple. However, in his words, we can clearly feel the experience and pride shrank in numbers

in 2000, Zoomlion officially listed 50million A shares on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. In the following ten years, Zoomlion made such moves, successively acquiring and acquiring British baolujie company, Hunan Machine Tool Plant, Puyuan group, Shaanxi xinhuanggong, Hunan axle plant, Changsha Huatai heavy industry, Italy CIFA, Changde Xincheng hydraulic company and other enterprise groups; In 2009, Zoomlion ranked 10th in the global construction machinery industry, second in China's construction machinery industry, and first in the profits of Listed Companies in China's construction machinery industry. At the same time, it is also the only construction machinery enterprise in China that exercises voting rights in the international standardization group. It ranks among the top 100 Chinese enterprises with the most core competitiveness during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, has been selected into the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange 100" index for four consecutive years, and has been selected into the top ten brand companies that investors of Chinese listed companies are satisfied with and trust, and the top ten listed companies with the most investment value in China. By the end of 2010, Zoomlion had a total asset of 65billion yuan, a total share capital of 5.797 billion shares and more than 22000 employees

in addition to this series of figures, Zhang Jianguo also specially emphasized a date, december23,2010. On this day, Zoomlion successfully landed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, raising a total of HK $15billion, which is the largest public financing of global construction machinery enterprises in recent years

as the largest IPO project of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at the end of last year, Zoomlion's fund-raising has been popular with international investors. The public offering was 7.17 times oversubscribed, and the total amount of funds raised in Hong Kong reached HK $15billion, the largest amount of funds raised by non-financial listed companies in Hong Kong in 2010. In the Hong Kong stock issuance of Zoomlion, Singapore Government Investment Corporation (GIC) and Soros Hong Kong fund subscribed through international placement, which is also the second time Soros Hong Kong fund has subscribed for new shares since its opening in Hong Kong. In addition, Li Zhaoji, known as the "Asian stock god", subscribed privately, involving $50million, the largest investment since last October

"the development history of caterpillar, Komatsu and other world-class construction machinery enterprises shows that internationalization is the only way for construction machinery enterprises to recall the experimental curve after the completion of the world-class experiment. The progress made at present also makes people excited. They have all experienced the process of transforming the product market from domestic to international, as well as the process of transforming the product internationalization to capital internationalization." Many financial analysts believe that Zoomlion's H-share listing will be another new leap for the company

up to now, Zoomlion's H-share price has stood at 18 yuan, up 20% from the bidding price of 14.98 yuan. When asked why Zoomlion's H-share listing won the favor of many investors, Zhang Jianguo believed that the key reason why Zoomlion's equipment was favored by many investors was the nine words - "performance", "development mode" and "growth"

in recent years, China's economy has shown a trend of rapid growth. China has become the world's largest market and major producer of DNA amp subversive design for "Brooks levitate" running shoes of construction machinery. The healthy and upward economic environment and booming industries are the basis for Zoomlion's rapid growth. Zoomlion's good performance since its landing in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2000 and its reputation as the "king of blue chip distribution", It also laid a good foundation for its successful landing on the Hong Kong stock exchange. After the 2008 financial crisis, the development model of Zoomlion's internal growth and external M & A has been further recognized by the industry. In addition, another important factor favored by many investors is their confidence in the management team of Zoomlion and their expectation of good growth in the future. With the successful completion of this H-share offering and the investment of raised funds, Zoomlion's internationalization strategy will be accelerated

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