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Zhangyaping: 60% focus on customers and 40% coach

Zhang Yaping, who has many years of experience in consumer electronics, hopes to "transform it with the experience of consumer electronics"

"my time is 60% focus on customers and 40% coach." At the end of February, zhangyaping, President of EMC in Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, disclosed his management experience to

since taking over the post of guozunhua, former president of EMC China in August 2003, zhangyaping has been keeping a low profile. Previously, zhangyaping had served as general manager of Philips Consumer Electronics (China) and universal appliances (Hong Kong), with 19 years of rich management and consulting experience

after several constant temperature 30min months of running in, Zhang Yaping was full of confidence and threw out an ambitious 2004 performance goal, which also needed to quickly integrate effective information targets in front of a large amount of complicated information and data. He disclosed that in 2004, EMC's global goal was to grow by 20%, while EMC's China goal was to grow by 40%

in addition to focusing on customers and strengthening management, another reform action of Zhang Yaping is to adjust EMC's operation mode. Zhang Yaping, who has many years of experience in consumer electronics, hopes to "transform it with his experience in consumer electronics"

Financial Times: I think most of your experience is in consumer electronics. From consumer electronics to IT companies, can you share your reasons for choosing EMC

zhangyaping: before Philips Consumer Electronics, I worked in it in Silicon Valley from 1989 to 1995 I joined EMC because I am a brand lover. If a company has no brand and cannot be recognized by customers, any product is very short-lived. I now have experience in consumer electronics. It is also a happy thing to do it

I knew EMC when I was a storage analyst in the 1980s, and EMC was in my view at that time. This company has always been famous for its focus, innovation and strong execution ability, and its stock performance and performance in the 1990s are excellent. Therefore, EMC is a hero in the IT industry in my mind. It is my honor to have the opportunity to join the hero company, and I can give full play to my comprehensive ability

Financial Times: you once said that you should use the experience of consumer electronics to do it. What experience can you share

zhangyaping: for example, a lot of investment has been spent on the market. In the past, the market and sales are disconnected. The "three armed forces" must work together, and the next step is consumer electronics

in addition, the profits of consumer electronics are very thin. It takes a lot of thinking to make money in the case of very low profits. These methods can be integrated into it. There are also many things in it that can be integrated into consumer electronics

I now feel that it and consumer electronics are getting closer and closer. Do you mean it or consumer products? In fact, consumer electronics has driven the development of the storage industry

Financial Times: how do you transfer the program management you are good at in Philips to EMC

zhangyaping: I have worked at Philips for 7 years, and the greatest achievement is that I have learned how to use program management. Therefore, we have also brought the past experience to EMC. For example, the original training is very scattered, and now the number of new employees to be trained will be managed by procedures. Our marketing activities also need program management. Without programs, we will be in a mess

Financial Times: the IT industry is still considered a difficult time. What qualities do you think a successful leader should have

zhangyaping: first of all, we should have a deep understanding of customers and grasp the pulse of the market. Not only manage the company, but also pay attention to market changes, capture the problems customers are thinking, have a skin cutting understanding of the market, and can not wear socks to wash feet

second, we should find a way to reflect the information to the headquarters, which can give you resources to support you. External and internal communication, especially with the headquarters, is very important

third, there should be cohesion and excellent people to start a business with you, so as to provide employees with career development prospects

it will be very successful to grasp these three points

Financial Times: in terms of corporate culture, your predecessor guozunhua once stressed the need for self-confidence and modesty. Are you advocating some new corporate culture now

zhangyaping: first of all, unite under the banner of EMC. Have a common belief. However, in terms of communication, efforts are needed to strive for resources

Financial Times: I found one feature: female CEOs are good at catching customers. Is it good for female CEOs to catch customers

zhangyaping: I think any manager should catch customers. I also admire our male compatriots. They are very good at catching customers. In terms of listening to customers, maybe we have more advantages, because we have no shelf

in fact, identity and business should be separated. Finally, people in the industry say that business is business and individuals are individuals

Financial Times: I think you put a lot of energy on internal training. How can you be a good corporate coach

zhangyaping: now 60% of my work is at the customers, and 40% is as a coach. Recognize and be enthusiastic about what EMC is doing, and choose the right person to do the right thing. I provide resources, the implementation is done by employees, and give employees space to give play to their talents

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