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Zhanboluo released contract cloud enhancements, promoted Telecom cloud popularization and

in fact, the solution has now integrated appformix, extended services, a series of virtual functions with high pre-trial selling price certificates, and expanded its cooperation with red hat, bringing a one-stop available platform for service providers to quickly deploy new cloud services

Beijing, China, November 6, 2017 -- providing automated, scalable Nyse: jnpr, an industry leader in secure network products and solutions, recently announced the launch of contract cloud enhancements to help service providers reduce the challenges they face in building and operating a distributed and scalable cloud. The enhanced optimization scheme includes: integrating the openstack platform and CEPH storage of red hat, a leading open source solution provider, putting into appformix automation and visibility capabilities, pre validated vnf virtual network functions, and new end-to-end support services. The enhanced contract cloud enables operators to deliver business, IOT and mobile services in the cloud in a simpler way

at this stage, some large-scale service providers around the world have confirmed that using cloud architecture to provide commercial and mobile services can achieve great benefits, including higher service agility and innovation speed, as well as relatively lower risks and costs. However, the road to a distributed, scalable and readily available cloud also faces many operational challenges. The cumbersome procurement process, the complexity of cloud construction, integration and interoperability, the coordination of multi vendor support, and the IT skills gap in managing operator level SLAs all make the cloud journey complex and changeable. In a survey conducted by zhanboluo for customers:

the respondents said that the lack of visibility in all parts of the cloud network was the primary challenge they faced in the process of migrating to the cloud (nearly 40% of the respondents ranked it first), the operational complexity ranked second, the engineer skill gap ranked third, and the reconstruction cost ranked fourth

in addition, more than half of the respondents (55%) said that they were using road equipment from two or more manufacturers, which often increased the complexity of operations

in this regard, the update of the contract cloud makes it easier to deploy the telecom cloud. Through cooperation with red hat, the basic Linux distribution is simplified; Realize seamless network insight through appformix; Clear the tasks that are difficult to verify vnf through pre audit; By adding end-to-end support services, it can effectively smooth the fine lines and make the implementation process more smooth. Whether telecom companies, mobile operators or cable providers, all kinds of enterprises can easily cope with the complexity of cloud deployment and operation with this integrated solution, and obtain better performance, scale and service level agreements (SLAs)

consistent with the cloud grade networking strategy of zhanboluo, contract cloud simplifies the deployment, use and operation of virtualized cloud infrastructure through a proven, trusted, open and integrated software stack, without affecting performance, scale and availability


appformix integration: the contract cloud now contains appformix industry-leading automation and optimization functions (appformix was acquired by zhanboluo in 2016), which can provide nfv with fully integrated service assurance. In the process of service providers' migration to the cloud era, it is very important to simplify cloud operations and have the ability to monitor, visualize and diagnose. However, service providers also need to automatically solve various problems of cloud infrastructure and software in a conventional way to ensure SLA requirements. Zhanboluo's appformix provides service assurance around nfv, using machine autonomous learning to achieve continuous response and learning ability, so as to achieve uninterrupted operation

expand cooperation with red hat: zhanboluo has further expanded its cooperation with red hat, providing a reliable foundation for the deployment of modern and scalable communication industry (including nfv). Zhanboluo has migrated the contract cloud to the red hat openstack platform (the highly scalable testing standards and migration testing conditions also try to objectively reflect the expected use of materials or products as a production ready infrastructure as a service solution) and red hat CEPH storage (an open source, large-scale scalable software defined storage solution)

pre validated virtual network function: Currently, as a pre validated solution, contract cloud includes pre audited hardware and software compatibility lists to ensure smooth and fast cloud deployment from the beginning. The solution supports zhanboluo vsrx virtual firewall, confirmed networks' industry-leading mobile content cloud virtual evolution packet core (vepc) solution, and future third-party virtual network functions. The solution jointly launched by Zhanbo network and confirmed integrates the leadership of confirmed in mobile network nfv and Zhanbo network in SDN, IP network connection and security, helping mobile service providers successfully migrate to the distributed Cloud Architecture, thereby significantly improving service agility and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership

contract cloud hosting solution: zhanboluo has launched end-to-end services, which can build and operate cloud infrastructure for customers, including 24/7 solution support, and ensure the professional application and deployment of contract cloud by providing high contact services

contract cloud provides a complete set of cloud orchestration software, reference architecture, professional services and partner support, aiming to provide an integrated one-stop solution and bring unprecedented convenience to cloud deployment and operation. In addition, zhanboluo will also attend the openstack summit held in Sydney on November and show the latest developments

introduction from many parties:

realizing the value of cloud is the primary strategic task of service providers. Regardless of the size, it is as important as reducing costs and promoting innovation. However, for many service providers, the step of migrating to the cloud is not as simple as turning the switch. Based on our long-term experience in helping some large-scale telecom operators worldwide operate cloud networks, we have introduced a more standardized method for building and operating cloud deployment, and provided this solution to all customers

- pratik Roychowdhury, senior director of product management of zhanboluo contract

service providers increasingly hope to improve service agility with the help of Telecom cloud, so as to create and launch innovative services to the market at a faster speed. This can not only promote their own business growth, but also enable them to better serve their enterprise customers. The construction of Telecom cloud requires system manufacturers to provide operational support for the management of cloud infrastructure, so that service providers can focus on their core business areas. Contract cloud, which integrates end-to-end support services, aims to help service providers easily migrate to the cloud and promote continuous business development

- Glen hunt, chief analyst of GlobalData

we are happy to cooperate with zhanboluo to reduce the complexity of building the cloud and provide an open cloud level solution. As an industry leader in openstack and CEPH, we are well aware of the revolutionary role of software defined computing and storage in the cloud, which provides high-performance service providers for nfv solutions. Relying on red hat openstack platform and red hat CEPH storage, contract cloud provides customers with a convincing solution to help them realize the real value of cloud and nfv

- radhesh Balakrishnan, general manager of red hat openstack

with the experience of providing support for more than 60 field deployments around the world, we are well aware of the significance of the cooperation between those industry leaders for the ecological development of the industry. Our cooperation with zhanboluo is driven by customers' continuous adoption of virtualization architecture, and we also hope to provide support to customers. We believe that no matter how far our customers' development evolves, by providing proven and pre validated Telecom cloud solutions, we can help service providers significantly shorten the deployment cycle and significantly improve benefits

- Amit Tiwari, vice president of strategic alliance and system engineering of approved networks

after more than five years of research on the development of Telecom cloud, we are still carrying out more tests in the laboratory and have not realized large-scale deployment. The reason is that we have not met the requirements for high performance, recoverability, easy deployment and management of infrastructure required to operate Telecom cloud. According to the latest report of IHS Markit, 76% of the respondents believe that the main obstacle of nfv lies in those non carrier grade products, including complex installation and enabling, weak interoperability, inflexible virtual network deployment and poor integration of operation support systems/business support systems. These factors point the way for Telecom cloud solutions: simplify deployment, and use integrated visibility and analysis capabilities to simplify the operation of Telecom cloud infrastructure

-- cliff grossner, senior research director and consultant of IHS Markit cloud computing and data center

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