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Mexico's plastic market has unlimited business opportunities

although Mexico's economic growth rate is slowing down, Mexico's plastic industry is expected to grow by 5% this year. This is significantly different from the annual growth rate of 0 or negative for the petrochemical industry, which has created effective plastic raw materials. This shows that Mexican factories are increasingly dependent on imported raw material supply

plastimagen exhibition held at Santa Fe in Mexico City on September this year has attracted much attention, which is enough to prove that the plastic industry is a considerable business opportunity in Mexico. If the plastic industry is still open, you can try changing a computer or serial port cable. China is extremely attractive because it is multi-purpose, light, not easy to corrode, and most importantly, it is very economical

in fact, Mexico is the second largest country in Latin America in terms of plastic resin consumption, after Brazil, and also ranks 17th in the world. What are the characteristics of the cylinder of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine in which the plastic industry accounts for Mexico's GDP? 3%。

angel ramonoria, President of the National Plastics Industry Association of Mexico, pointed out that in the past 20 years, there has been almost no investment in the petrochemical industry, resulting in the fact that more than half of the raw materials needed by the plastics industry today must be imported, with about 400000 tons of resin imported every year

although Mexico is an oil producer and a big consumer, especially its geographical location is quite suitable for export business, Mexico has become an important importer of petrochemical products, especially resins. The main reason for Mexico's annual trade deficit of chemical products reaching about 9billion US dollars is the import of a considerable amount of resin

this result is due to the lack of investment in the Petrochemical Department of Pemex (Petroleos Mexico) company, resulting in stagnation, and its output is also declining year by year. In the past, the policy was to privatize this department and find strategic alliances between other international chemical companies and Pemex, but so far, no results have been achieved

at present, there are about 4400 Plastic Companies in Mexico (84% of which are small or micro companies) employing 185000 people, which can process 5million tons of plastic products every year. It will grow by% every year in the next few years. Even in the past crisis period, the plastic industry can still grow, maintain its employment level, and even open up new business opportunities. However, because most of them are micro and small companies, it is urgent for the government to vigorously promote them

about 43% of plastic products are used for bottle manufacturing or packaging. In recent years, pet has become the first choice of plastic products in the market. Other products such as polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene and polystyrene are also widely used in packaging, construction, furniture, toys and agriculture

the challenge in the future will be that Pemex or other private companies are interested in producing raw materials. In the past, the government and Pemex did not make efforts to develop the petrochemical industry

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