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Metso has won the largest single order for truck floor lining

Metso has won the largest single order for truck floor lining

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Metso's innovative trelex truck floor rubber lining can significantly reduce truck wear, thereby improving running time and reducing maintenance costs

the aitik mine of Boliden company, located in northern Sweden, signed a three-year contract with Metso for the supply of truck floor liners. The specimens used in its existing 30 transportation fleets are 15 dump trucks with cylinders. This order is the largest single order of truck floor liner accepted by Metso

the liner plate of the bottom plate of the truck carriage can prevent the abrasion and damage to the carriage and vehicle structure during the transportation of ore. This Metso liner is specially designed to absorb the stress during truck loading, transportation and dumping. Its main advantage is that it has a longer wear life than the traditional steel liner, which can extend the service life by more than 4 times and reduce the maintenance cost

"in the past two years, we have continuously evaluated cat793, cat793ds and cat795 trucks equipped with Metso liners under the existing full life cycle service contract. We appreciate the improvement of truck utilization. In addition, truck drivers appreciate the noise reduction and vibration reduction effect of trucks equipped with Metso liners. Therefore, we also highly evaluate its advantages in health and safety, and maintain it at 121 ℃ ± 2 ℃ for 30min." Aitik mine Maintenance Director said

"in order to further strengthen cooperation, Metso, elastopan and aitik mine are jointly improving the bottom plate liner of Metso truck carriage, and the results will prove the advantages of our solution over the steel liner." Said the vice president of Metso service operation center

the main advantages of Metso trelex truck floor lining plate are: first, lower production costs and higher profits when doing large tonnage material mechanics experiments, which can absorb the stress of each truck working link, so as to reduce expensive unplanned maintenance and reduce the need for replacing lining plates and other truck parts; Second, the modular lining system is easier to handle than the steel lining, and a single lining can be replaced instead of all, so as to minimize the maintenance and parking time. There is also the CE certified integral hoisting system; Third, pay attention to environmental protection and safety, reduce noise by 10-15 dB, reduce noise by half, reduce vibration, and pay attention to the personal feelings of truck drivers

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