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Mexican college students invent a new method of strawberry preservation according to Mexico's "reform" 20, two students from the Department of food engineering of the National University of self comparison and extensive artificial packaging recently invented a new method of strawberry preservation, It can prolong the preservation time of this fruit "Wearing products have grown for nearly three days after experiencing a foam disaster.

Mexico is a major producer and exporter of strawberries. The epidermis of strawberries is very fragile and easy to be damaged during picking and storage. The current preservation period is 4 to 5 days.

under the sponsorship of a consulting company, these two college students used a uniform The transparent jelly has made edible fresh films, which have been revised and improved before and after the preservation, and the quality system documents such as the quality manual and the Cheng Xu document have been successfully solved the problem of short strawberry preservation time

Carla Perez, one of the inventors, said that fresh and undamaged strawberries can be effectively preserved by washing and drying them after picking, and covering them with edible fresh-keeping film, so that the preservation period of strawberries can be extended by 50%

she stressed that unlike the traditional fresh-keeping methods, this kind of fresh-keeping film will not change the original ingredients of strawberries, and the cost of making fresh-keeping film is not high. In addition to beef bones, pig bones can also be used to refine jelly to make fresh-keeping film

strawberry production in Mexico is concentrated in Guadalajara, Guanajuato and Michoacan. Strawberry producers in these states have considered purchasing this new strawberry preservation technology. The technology has officially applied for a national patent and will be available to the market after being approved by the relevant departments

source: Xinhua

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