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Mettler Toledo's new enhanced profile metal detector

the perfect combination of humanized design - Mettler Toledo Safeline's latest enhanced profile metal detector

Mettler Toledo Safeline combines advanced technology to launch the latest enhanced profile metal detector, which makes the operation more humanized according to the characteristics of many industries, The optimized operation interface design makes the "cofusion" project show that customers can see the detection process at a glance. Enhanced functional software makes the test results more accurate. The real-time detection information of the device can also be transmitted to customers in the form of text messages and emails, which can improve production efficiency, reduce the possibility of product contamination, and effectively improve the interests of customers

features of enhanced profile metal detector:

optimization of operation interface

record of peak value of detection signal

record of operation login

New Technology of aluminum magnesium alloy 4. What is the background and process of the "new material assurance level improvement project"? The leader of technology and new products feedback by email and text

when the oil return valve is not tightened during proper loading, it will also cause the pointer to move around and become unstable for a variety of applications

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