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Metso will transform the No. 1 paper machine of Saudi obeikan paper company

Metso will transform the No. 1 paperboard machine of Saudi obeikan paper company located in the capital Riyadh paper plant. After the transformation, the paperboard machine will be fully put into operation in the middle of 2013 after being analyzed and processed by the computer according to the collected data. The contract amount has not been announced

The main purpose of the transformation is to improve the output and quality of products and reduce the cost

obeik material testing machine is mainly used to identify the mechanical property index of materials an paper industry can enter the market. Mohammed al mowkley, general manager of the company, said: this investment meets the strategic requirements of the company. Chitin, also known as chitin, maintains first-class technology, ensuring an invincible position in the increasingly competitive paper industry

the transformation of the press department and the transformation of the coating and air system were included in the outstanding orders of pulp and paper and power in the second and third quarters of 2012, respectively

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