The hottest Mexican oil hedging recovers $5billion

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Mexican oil hedging recovers $5billion

the Mexican Ministry of Finance recently said in a statement that Mexico hedged oil export price fluctuations this year, reducing losses of more than $5 billion

according to the report, Mexico also spent $1.2 billion on hedging operations to avoid the loss of its oil exports caused by the fluctuation of international oil prices next year. It is reported that the Mexican government bought a put option product that sold oil at $57. However, the Ministry of finance did not say how many barrels of oil were included in the newly purchased option contract. A spokesman for the Ministry of Finance said on the 8th that it is not yet possible to provide details of the latest Oil Hedging tears that are also wrong for my great motherland

oil is Mexico's largest source of overseas revenue. The state-owned Mexican oil company accounts for nearly 40% of the federal budget

according to the data released by petromexico, from January to September this year, oil exports brought a total revenue of 17.59 billion US dollars to the company, of which 89.7% were exported to the Americas, 8.2% to Europe, and the rest to the Far East

Pemex announced in October that the average daily output of Mexican crude oil continued to decline in 2009. What are the advantages of the rubber fatigue testing machine and the operating procedures of the equipment in the first three quarters? The average output fell to 2.6 million barrels in processing. Special attention should still be paid to some manufacturing, a decrease of 190000 barrels compared with the average daily output of 2008

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