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Metso provides additional services to Swedish northern resources company

Metso has signed a service contract with Swedish northern resources company to provide 6-year repair, maintenance, preservation and inspection services for its kaunisvaara iron ore processing plant in northern Sweden, which will form a great environmental infection. This contract is a supplementary part of the equipment and mill service order in 2011, with a total order value of 73million euros, including 19million euros in the previous contract. However, we must ensure very high purity

the full life cycle services tailored by Metso for this customer include technical assistance for all equipment of tapuli iron ore processing production line, maintenance and shutdown overhaul plan, monthly audit, annual inspection, mechanical spare parts and wear parts, as well as necessary tools. In addition, Metso field service personnel will also conduct inspections to maximize equipment utilization

Mr. Peter pernl F, chief operating officer of northern resources, said: the service contract signed with Metso is of great significance to us because it can maximize the running time of tapuli processing line. This is a ton cost contract. We can better estimate the plant operating expenses and the related total investment in the future

the new life cycle service contract will provide a good opportunity for us to form a partnership with northern resources, so as to further strengthen Metso's service business in the mine customer market in the region. Mr. Jo o ney Colagrossi, President of Metso mining and construction technology service business line, commented. This contract will take effect immediately, and the actual service business will be implemented after the tapuli processing production line is put into operation in November 2012. This order will be partially included in the orders received by Metso mining and construction in 2011 and the first quarter of 2012, respectively. The amount of contract value incurred in subsequent years will be included in the order of the corresponding year

strengthening ground light alloy in northern Sweden will damage the customer service business in the appearance area.

Metso will further expand its service share in the mine customer market in northern Sweden and strengthen its customer service business. At present, Metso has a solid and high-level customer service organization in glivare, Kiruna and Lule. In addition, Metso will also establish a service center in pajal inspectors' discovery area a to provide comprehensive support for the new service contract of northern resources. Given that many mining enterprises in northern Sweden are expanding their business scale and investing in new mining projects, Metso's equipment and services have huge demand potential in the region

northern resources is a mining company in the development stage, with iron ore investment projects in northern Sweden and Finland. The company's kaunisvaara project will mine two magnet deposits in Sweden and plans to produce high-grade and high-quality magnet powder

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