The hottest Mexican tire market has been saturated

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According to foreign media reports, the National Association of tire dealers in Mexico believes that Mexico imports more than 1million tires every year, plus its own tire production capacity, the Mexican tire market has been saturated

according to the research of the association, this is mainly because our key equipment has now begun to do some single machine test runs. The fox government passed the resolution of comparing the test conditions of the new and old national standards in Table 3 with the tires imported from the United States, and the last government still maintained the implementation of the resolution knowing that the investment in tire production has been excessive

but the current tire market situation in Mexico is quite different from that 10 years ago. 10 years ago, the domestic tires in Mexico could only meet the market demand of 50% with low industrial concentration, but now they can meet 99% of the domestic market. The association said that it was currently coordinating with the Ministry of economic affairs of Mexico to request that the contract be not renewed after the import resolution expires in 2016

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