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The "oil to water" storm promotes the in-depth cooperation between the coating industry and the furniture industry

the "oil to water" storm promotes the in-depth cooperation between the coating industry and the furniture industry

August 18, 2017

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since this year, local governments have made waves of environmental remediation of the coating industry. From May 1, Shenzhen officially banned the use of solvent based coatings and solvent based adhesives; From this year, Beijing's home has done a good job in the layout of intellectual property rights in the field of cutting-edge new materials, and the manufacturing industry has completely banned the use of solvent based coatings for spraying operations; Since April, Xi'an has strictly prohibited the sale of diluents containing high volatile, toxic and harmful substances in the market, prompting water-soluble and other environmental friendly decorative coatings to gradually replace or occupy the market

to sum up, an era of water-based coatings has quietly arrived. So, what is the current progress of "oil to water" in the domestic coating industry? What are the examples worth learning from? What are the problems

"oil to water" binds the transformation and upgrading of the coating industry and the furniture industry.

the so-called "oil to water" is the transformation from solvent based coatings to water-based coatings, which has become the focus of high social attention at present. However, insiders said that "oil to water" is not just a transformation problem of the coating industry. In recent years, based on the national environmental protection policy, the furniture industry has significantly increased the demand for the transformation of traditional solvent coating lines. Therefore, the "oil to water" policy can be described as binding the transformation and upgrading of the coating industry and the furniture industry

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Lu shuilie, Secretary General of Guangdong coating industry association, said in an interview with Nandu that nowadays most furniture enterprises are facing the industry development dilemma of "changing oil to water", and the biggest bottleneck of "changing oil to water" is the drying problem of water-based coatings. Guangdong is the largest producer of wood coatings in China. The solvent based wood coatings in the coating industry in Guangdong Province have been transformed into water-based wood coatings. After nearly 10 years of research and development, production and application promotion, water-based wood coatings are relatively mature products in terms of technology. However, in order to meet the effect of "oil to water" in the furniture industry at the same time, in addition to the performance requirements of water-based wood coatings, it is also necessary to analyze or analyze from a chemical point of view. An important factor is to have water-based coating equipment corresponding to the furniture coating process

that is to say, at present, in the process of "oil to water", most of the coating industry must be integrated with the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry in order to meet the real demand of "oil to water"

"oil to water" is not the only way out for industrial transformation and upgrading

at present, Guangdong coating enterprises have carried out in-depth cooperation with many furniture enterprises and achieved preliminary results in the technological transformation of "oil to water". At the same time, in order to comprehensively promote the "oil to water" initiative, the Guangdong coating industry association has also jointly established the "green furniture industry alliance" with the Guangdong Furniture Association, the Guangdong forestry industry association and the testing institutions of coatings, furniture and plates. Through the integration of the technical advantages of the industrial chain, it has jointly realized the transformation and upgrading of the whole industrial chain, and has also achieved good results. However, Lu shuilie, Secretary General of Guangdong coating industry association, believes that to comprehensively promote "oil to water", it is obviously not enough to rely on the "one hand" of the industry association, and the government should issue relevant supporting policies

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however, Lu shuilie also admitted that "oil to water" is not the only way out for industrial transformation and upgrading. He said that while actively promoting "oil to water", we can also strive to improve the environmental protection performance of solvent based coatings and expand the technical application level of "oil to powder" to form a diversified industrial product upgrading technical scheme, which is another way to maintain the healthy and sustainable development of the coating industry

coating industry + furniture industry, Guangdong vigorously promotes the overall solution of "oil to water"

as a major coating Province, how is Guangdong doing in the process of "oil to water"? According to Nandu, in recent years, many large coating enterprises in Guangdong Province have actively invested in the actual work process of "oil to water", and carried out in-depth cooperation with furniture enterprises, from the commissioning of product formula to the selection of coating equipment, through repeated tests, and finally formed an overall solution of "oil to water". According to Lu shuilie, Secretary General of Guangdong coating industry association, zhanchen coating, Dabao coating, garberry, bards, Huilong, Clivia and other enterprises have made good achievements in the process of "oil to water" and played an exemplary role in the industry

it is reported that zhanchen coating is an enterprise that has done a good job in "oil to water" in the coating industry at present. It has successively invested nearly 20million yuan in the imported equipment of reciprocating coating and spraying line and electrostatic coating and spraying line. With the project team responsibility system as the management mode, it has carried out in-depth cooperation with furniture enterprises. It is understood that zhanchen coating has completed the comprehensive "oil to water" transformation for Qumei, Magnolia and other furniture enterprises, It has comprehensively promoted the technological transformation of "oil to water" for the furniture industry and created a model of "oil to water"

as the first enterprise in Guangdong Province to invest in the R & D and production of water-based Wood Coatings on a large scale, Jiabaoli chemical has received 12million yuan of support funds for the R & D project of water-based Wood Coatings in Guangdong Province. It has cooperated with South China University of technology to achieve major achievements in the R & D of water-based wood coatings, and actively promoted the actual process of "changing oil to water". It is understood that garberry has promoted "oil to water" from many aspects: first, the combination of microwave infrared coupling drying and water-based electrostatic robot spraying has been purchased to improve the work efficiency by more than 50% and the paint utilization rate by more than 50%, so as to improve the product quality and reduce the cost; The second is to improve the matching of various construction processes, such as using the full water-based process for the open effect and the U V bottom water-based surface process for the full sealing effect, which not only saves paint and time, but also ensures the effect and quality; Third, provide different transformation schemes for different furniture enterprises, such as infrared hot air dehumidification coupling, microwave infrared hot air dehumidification coupling, hot air dehumidification coupling and other drying schemes, with transformation costs ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to meet different transformation needs

it is understood that Dabao paint has introduced the first large-scale water-based coating line in the coating industry, with a total investment of tens of millions of yuan. The whole coating line is ingenious in design and advanced in equipment. It integrates intelligence, multifunction, systematization and scale. The production line area is more than 2000 square meters, which can provide furniture enterprises with all-weather, all-round and efficient water-based coating solutions. It is understood that the biggest advantage of this water-based coating line is its intelligence and versatility, which can be divided into intelligent transmission system, temperature and humidity monitoring spraying room, electrostatic spraying system, far cold infrared drying, u v, le d drying, nano electrolysis three-dimensional drying, microwave drying system and sewage circulation system, and almost all wood coating methods can be realized. "Before investing in the transformation of water-based coatings, furniture enterprises can first verify the feasibility of upgrading through Dabao water-based coating line, eliminating unnecessary investment." The relevant person in charge said

At the same time, in order to provide better coating solutions for furniture factories, bards Group invested 5 Nankang furniture spraying center has been built with 200million yuan, which is mainly engaged in the industrialization and high performance of coating, and can also make the samples slip during the experimental process, which can produce environmental friendly coatings and children's furniture, covering an area of about 160 mu

as a representative enterprise in the subdivision field of wood door paint, Huilong paint invested tens of millions to build a "six dimensional coating experience center" in 2016. Through the six in one experience of "oil to water" environmental protection coating, such as exhibition, demonstration, training, simulation production, coating service, process research and development and color research, partners can have a panoramic understanding and experience of the one-stop environmental protection coating solution provided by Huilong, After the success of the test, the whole production process can be copied to their own enterprises at any time to effectively avoid the risks in the coating transformation process of furniture and wooden door enterprises and improve the efficiency of coating transformation. It is understood that the six dimensional coating experience center of Huilong coating has been widely recognized by wood door and customized home furnishing enterprises, and has also been awarded the titles of "China wood door oil to water environmental protection coating environmental protection demonstration base" and "China wood door water based coating demonstration base" by many organizations such as China wood door association and forest products industry association

two major problems in the process of "oil to water" 1. Government support

at present, the process of "oil to water" in the coating industry has not received much policy support from the government. It is understood that so far, except for Shenzhen, which has a 25% subsidy for the technical transformation of coating equipment of furniture enterprises, other domestic cities have not issued relevant support policies. To comprehensively promote the progress of "oil to water", we need the guidance of the industry and the support of the government to go more scientifically and in place. At present, the biggest investment of "oil to water" lies in the comprehensive replacement and transformation of the coating and spraying lines of furniture enterprises. For many small and medium-sized furniture enterprises, the capital pressure of coating technology and equipment transformation is very great. Lu shuilie said that as early as 201, the Guangdong coating industry association has submitted the "supporting policies for the development of water-based coatings in Guangdong Province" and the "action plan for the transformation and upgrading of the coating industry in Guangdong Province" to the relevant government departments since the furnace charge price in Jiangsu has remained at 1590 ⑴ 630 yuan/ton. Over the years, the supporting policies for the production and R & D of water-based coatings in the coating industry have not been issued. "The key lies in the strength and sustainability of national policies. If the subsidy policy like new energy vehicles can be implemented, it will be overwhelming to change oil to water."

2. Operation details

the implementation of "oil to water" is not achieved overnight. It not only focuses on products, but also improves construction technology and spraying equipment. For example, Beijing's "emission standard of air pollutants for wood furniture manufacturing industry" stipulates the coating properties, production processes and equipment and other production processes in the furniture production process. If you want to meet the standard, first, use water-based paint, and second, carry out end treatment, but this is a huge cost for furniture factories. When launching the "oil to water" project, many furniture enterprises often neglect the in-depth connection with the coating enterprises, and directly go to the spraying equipment without communicating with the coating enterprises, resulting in the operation effect of the coating equipment and the formula performance of the coating can not be optimized

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