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The crisis of oil shortage promotes the concept of energy. Shaanxi Automobile fuel saving heavy truck goes on the market

the crisis of oil shortage promotes the concept of energy. Shaanxi Automobile fuel saving heavy truck goes on the market

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building an energy-saving society not only requires local governments to speed up the comprehensive lifting of the ban on small displacement vehicles, but also means that they should adopt a scientific attitude towards the development of private cars, but also requires the state and automobile manufacturers to increase investment in energy-saving and environmental friendly vehicles. Especially in the heavy truck industry with huge oil consumption, "fuel economy" has become an important indicator to judge the quality of vehicles. According to industry analysis and prediction, fuel-efficient heavy truck will become the dominant heavy truck market in 2006

when all heavy truck enterprises are constantly accelerating product improvement, the domestic famous Shaanxi heavy truck has once again come to the forefront of the industry

in 2005, Shaanxi heavy truck Co., Ltd. created a complete supply chain system for heavy trucks through in-depth cooperation with a number of well-known companies at home and abroad, such as Weichai Power, Germany Mann, Hunan torch, Cummins, fast, hande axle, etc. Recently, the newly built largest modern commercial vehicle base in Asia (Shaanxi heavy truck commercial vehicle Industrial Park) has welcomed the batch offline of fuel-efficient new products in 2006, which is a milestone in the development history of Shaanxi Automobile and even the whole heavy truck industry

according to the introduction of Shaanxi Automobile, this batch of Shaanxi Automobile heavy trucks have made major breakthroughs in fuel saving technology. Through the optimization of the whole vehicle and important parts and components, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 10-15% at most, becoming the biggest highlight of the 2006 Chinese heavy truck

as a strategic partner of Weichai Power, Weichai has customized 06 new engines for Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck. The transmitter was developed by Weichai and Austrian AVL company, which spent a year focusing on the breakthrough of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck in economy, reliability, safety and comfort. It is expected that the next batch of about 50000 tons of spodumene concentrate will be shipped out of the port in late June. Its wevb exhaust valve braking technology effectively ensures the safety of vehicles driving on downhill roads in mountainous areas, and reduces the frequency of use of the braking system, Avoid the premature damage of the parts of the transition system to the production of plastic and wood products by mixing multi-component waste plastics and wood flour, reduce the wear of tires, greatly reduce the operating cost of the whole vehicle, and improve the economy of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck operation. Among them, the engineering engine specially developed for engineering vehicles increases the low-speed torque by 12% and reduces the fuel consumption by 10-15%. With a high-power engine of more than 300 horsepower, Weichai has an exclusive Bosch imported oil pump and imported starter, which are super fuel-efficient

the hande single-stage bridge adopted by Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. is also through the introduction of technology and combined with the actual situation of China. She believes that the next step is to discuss the regulatory qualifications and relevant ethics to develop a new generation of products, which have the outstanding characteristics of "high load-bearing, high efficiency and low fuel consumption", and are extremely suitable for highway high-speed transportation

at the same time, Shaanxi heavy truck continuously integrates Steyr vehicle technology, German Mann F2000 vehicle technology and its own military vehicle technology. In 2005, he spent a lot of money on the research of high-efficiency fuel-saving heavy truck products, purchased advanced analysis software from abroad, optimized the assembly matching parameters, and achieved seven major technical improvements to the engine intake and exhaust system, which greatly improved the engine working environment, significantly reduced fuel consumption, higher reliability, and longer service life

in 2006, the type spectrum of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck was more extensive, including Shunchi series, Knight Series, man Delong F2000, f3000 series, Steyr Auron series, etc. among them, Knight Series is a new generation of economic, environmental protection, efficient and comfortable heavy truck developed by Shaanxi Automobile united with Italian automobile design company for two years. Not only is it fashionable in appearance and excellent in interior decoration, its newly developed chassis gives full play to the stability, safety and reliability that Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck has always been outstanding. The power of the full series of Knight heavy trucks covers horsepower, full dynamic shape, and the application of a number of new technologies, so that this product has a strong competitive advantage. At present, this product is in the experimental stage, and will appear on the market at an appropriate time after completion. It will be the highlight of China's heavy truck market in 2006. Shanqi man Delong FC series will perfectly combine the German man technology chassis with the imported Cummins engine. It is a classic work of China's third-generation heavy truck. It is equipped with the imported Cummins ism series 11L fully electronically controlled engine with the best cost performance, Euro II and Euro III emissions. It has outstanding fuel-saving characteristics, and the maximum output power can reach 440 HP. Not only does the heavy truck provide users with the guarantee to undertake the transportation of important materials, At the same time, it also brings a more economical way to realize modern efficient logistics

the man Delong 3000 series adopts the pure man chassis technology, the driver's cab is imported from Germany with original packaging, and is matched and cleaned and dried. It is equipped with Weichai WD615, WD618, WP10, WP12 series engines, and adopts Eaton full synchronous transmission, man single-stage deceleration bridge, double stage wheel side deceleration bridge and other advanced technologies, realizing the quality of imported vehicles and the price of domestic vehicles

in addition to the newly developed and launched new products, Shaanxi Automobile also made brand-new improvements to the original Aolong dump truck series and man Delong 2000 series models. Man Delong 2000 series models have been highly praised since they came into the market. They have won many awards, such as the "best technological progress award" and the "best customer satisfaction Award" in China's logistics and transportation industry, and have become recognized as the representative model of the third generation of heavy trucks in the industry. In 2005, Shaanxi Automobile man Delong F2000 was upgraded again, and various technological innovations and new technology research and development achievements were applied to this model, and passed the test of the market

at a time when domestic heavy truck enterprises are constantly calling for core competitiveness, Shaanxi Automobile has effectively increased the enterprise's R & D capacity through the introduction of advanced technology, independent digestion and absorption, and the strategy of joint redevelopment of domestic and foreign powers. Its products are constantly approaching the times and bringing forth the new. Due to the attention of the industry, some people define it as "Shaanxi Automobile phenomenon". In the first year after the implementation of this "oil shortage", with the help of several auto giants, Shaanxi Automobile Co., Ltd. launched a heavy attack with a full series of 06 high-efficiency and fuel-efficient heavy truck products, which is bound to cause the industry to follow suit again. As ordinary Volkswagen and truck users, if major automobile enterprises can continue to develop in terms of economy, fuel economy and efficiency, it will be a great good thing for the country and the people

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