The hottest oil spill accident occurred on the eas

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Crude oil spill accident occurred on the eastern coast of Thailand

Thai media reported that an oil tanker 21 Jinan assaying the equipment was modified with an electronic universal experimental machine. An accident occurred during the oil unloading operation on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand on the 7th, resulting in 50 to 70 tons of crude oil pouring into the sea

it is reported that the sea area of the incident is located about 20 kilometers southeast of matap harbor in Rayong Province, Southeast Thailand, not far from the famous coastal city of pataya

the global chemical company under the National Petroleum Company of Thailand said that an Oman tanker docked near the coast was unloading oil, but an accident occurred

the CEO of the company said that after the incident, the staff immediately closed the valves of the oil pipeline to prevent further leakage. The company timely cooperated with the Thai Navy and the Department of ocean affairs under the Ministry of transport of Thailand to clean up the crude oil floating on the sea

he said that the company would continue to monitor the water quality near the incident area to ensure that all the leaked crude oil was removed

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