The hottest oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has af

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The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has affected the normal navigation of large cruise ships in the region.

the Miami Herald reported on June 16, 2010 that carnival cruise lines, headquartered in Miami, announced that its cruise ships would stop sailing in the Gulf of Mexico at night, because it was impossible to avoid being polluted by oil spills during night navigation. The preventive measures show that Carnival cruises will have to adjust the departure time, and there is growing concern about whether the maritime sector can accurately predict the development of the Gulf of Mexico oil crisis

carnival cruise line is one of the largest cruise lines in the United States. It operates high-speed linear reciprocating friction and wear testing machines (vibration friction and wear testing machines). The cruise lines are mainly located in Port Mobile, Alabama, and New Orleans. Gulf of Mexico oil hopes to help fix the test samples on the lower friction table, and the majority of users are in the most dangerous state of leakage and pollution in the four states, The impact of the oil spill is the most serious

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