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Oil turns green? Suspicious dragon brand non stick pot caused by poor coating

will the oil turn green when fried in the pot? Recently, a consumer in Hangzhou, Xiao Zhu, used a non stick pan called "dragon's", but the oil fried turned out to be green. On March 2, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision urgently held a press conference, saying that it was fully organizing an investigation, identifying the reasons, and giving consumers a satisfactory reply at the first time

this non stick pot is produced by "Longdi", a well-known company in the field of small household appliance production, which is in production and can ensure good low-temperature impact of components. The pot that went wrong was a five piece pot set given away by buying other household appliances. Who knows, after the pot was bought home, the oil fried for the first time not only turned green, but also had a pungent taste. So Xiao Zhu poured out the remaining oil in the pot and was surprised to find that the original yellow oil had turned green. While Xiao Zhu used the same bottle of oil to fry the oil in another pot, but the oil is being tested, which can be often yellow in the usually non patterned shoe waist area

on March 2, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has taken action immediately. "We have organized relevant experts to conduct quality appraisal, find out the reasons, and will investigate and deal with the problematic products according to the relevant regulations." Said Ji, deputy director of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision. "Since it is impossible to determine what the green component is immediately, the detection and identification is a complex process, which takes about 10 days." Li chupai, director of the food production supervision division of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, added

it was found that the incident of "frying oil in a pot will turn green" had also been reported sporadically in previous years. "Or poor coating." Some insiders believe that

in addition, since SUPOR fell into the "quality gate" incident, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision has sampled five batches of Supor stainless steel pots in the province, and no excessive manganese was found. Its product natvar China factory can meet the safety requirements for the global medical device market

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