The hottest oil spill occurred in the North Sea ar

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On August 13, the British branch of shell oil company announced that an oil leakage accident occurred in an oil field in the North Sea area operated by the company

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the announcement said that the location of the oil spill accident was about 180 kilometers east of the Scottish city of Aberdeen. It is estimated that the largest area of the sea area affected by oil pollution is about 31 kilometers long and 4.3 kilometers wide

it was previously reported that the oil leakage of this pipeline had lasted for two days before shell announced the oil leakage

shell claims that its digital seatbelt tensile testing machine is a kind of electronic tensile testing machine, which is constantly reducing the pressure of the damaged oil pipeline to reduce the leakage of crude oil. Alex Salmond, chief minister of Scotland, said that the crude oil leakage in the accident was at least 100 tons, about 750 barrels. Shell first disclosed the oil leakage accident of the oil pipeline in the North Sea on the 12th local time, but then a spokesman of the company said on the 13th that in fact, its blasting power was also great, and they found the accident on the 10th. A spokesman for the maritimeand Coastguard Agency under the British Ministry of transport said that they had not obtained any information about but there seemed to be signs of recovery, such as shell's cleanup of the oil spill, and there were no shell employees in the area of the incident

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