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PetroChina Shaanxi oil production plant suffered a crude oil leak hundreds of meters away from the mountain gully to the oil river. In the early morning of the 26th, the ninth oil production plant of PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company suffered a crude oil leak, causing widespread environmental pollution. It is understood that this is the second crude oil leakage accident of the plant in March


a black "oil River" appeared in the gully

at about 11 a.m. yesterday, China business daily came to the scene of the accident in wangyuanzi village, Wuqi Town, Wuqi County. Hundreds of meters into the gully from the side of the road, a black "oil Lake" appeared in front of me. A dozen workers in PetroChina overalls were cleaning up the scene and filling the leaked crude oil in special bags. The air was filled with a strong pungent smell of oil

walking down the gully, a black "oil River" winds up to the mountain, with a maximum width of 34 meters. The soil on both sides of the "oil River" is still full of previous residual oil, indicating that this ditch is not the first time to be polluted by crude oil

after several twists and turns, we found the leakage point of crude oil on the mountain. Several workers are repairing the pipeline. "The damaged pipe diameter is 89 mm." A staff member from the wugucheng operation area of the ninth oil production plant where the accident occurred introduced. The leakage point clearly shows the traces of crude oil washing soil out of the pipeline. Black crude oil flowed down the hillside

according to the information provided by insiders, there was also a crude oil leakage accident in the operation area at the beginning of this month. Come to well pad 102 located on the mountain in wugucheng operation area. One side of the open yard is filled with bags of dirty oil. The outside of the bag is black and shiny. It is roughly estimated that there are thousands of bags. It is reported that each bag can hold about 30 kilograms of crude oil. On the other side are the pumping units that have been classified here: the words "PetroChina" are clearly visible on the pumping units that have stopped working. In broad daylight, the high-power bulb on the pole next to it is still on. The yard was full of oil, and bags of dirty oil were littered in two cement pools. It is understood that the oil in the yard is the dirty oil leaked and collected at the beginning of the month, which has not been treated

four workers in the factory said that the oil was recently transported. They were from Gansu and worked here as porters

the Environmental Protection Bureau

ordered to clean up the pollution and replace the pipeline

Wang Lei, deputy leader of the Environmental Supervision Brigade of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Wuqi County, said that after receiving a report at 8 a.m. on the 26th that the experimental machine was an ideal product for upgrading in the wugucheng operation area, the law enforcement officers arrived at the pollution site at 9:30. The total length of crude oil flowing down the hillside forest is about 800 meters, including a 50 meter long culvert with an average width of 50 cm

after further investigation, the personnel in the operation area found that the output was unqualified at about 6 a.m., and it was 5 at about 7 a.m Tripod: Polyurethane sports universal wheels are installed at the bottom of the fuselage. If the four fixed pipelines are abnormal, stop the transmission immediately, check along the line, and find the rupture position half an hour later. The environmental protection department preliminarily identified that the crack occurred due to natural corrosion

then, the County Environmental Protection Bureau reported to the relevant departments of Yan'an City, and ordered the operation area to clean up the site before April 5, hand over the oil sludge to a qualified unit for disposal, and do a good job in the post compensation of the masses. Due to the frequent rupture of the pipeline, the operation area is required to stop the pipeline and replace the pipeline. "After the site is cleaned up, economic punishment will be imposed according to the regulations." Wang Lei said


why leakage accidents occur frequently

according to the Environmental Protection Bureau of Wuqi County, there have been many crude oil leakage accidents in the county since this year, six times in March alone. Crude oil spills pollute the soil, woodland and even water sources, seriously affecting the normal lives of local people, and often causing conflicts between enterprises and the masses

"every spring, the soil layer changes due to temperature changes, which is the high incidence period of crude oil leakage." A staff member of Wuqi County Environmental Protection Bureau said

"natural conditions are only the external cause of pipeline rupture, which does not rule out man-made disasters." Insiders told that the oil leaking pipeline in the wugucheng operation area has been in use for less than three years. A person in charge of the operation area also said that the quality of the accident pipeline itself had problems, and the construction personnel were not professional at that time. The normal use of the pipeline should be 5 to 10 years

"the new environmental protection law has been implemented this year. Heavy fines should be imposed according to law and people should be dealt with seriously, otherwise this kind of thing cannot be stopped at all." A local cadre, who declined to be named, said

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